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How to Raise a Feminist Son

Claire Cain Miller/New York Times We’re now more likely to tell our daughters they can be anything they want to... details


Some Daily Tips

    Shoes are the first thing people notice about you in the first meeting. So always try to wear... details


Use Mobile Scanner

Sometimes we need to scan papers for many different works and we are unable to scan papers with a scanner.... details


Make your shoe waterproof

  As it is rainy season, we face a lot of problems with our shoes. We face it most when... details


Important Life hacks

      Sometimes we bother to remove the ink of a permanent marker. It is difficult to remove often.... details


Some useful hacks for internet users

    If you want to browse a blocked website, just put the address into Google translate.   Press windows... details


Less running can be more effective

    This is a trick that will make running 6 times more effective. Run backwards when you are jogging.... details


Tips for battery recover

We are using electronic devices regularly so almost every machinery needs a power supply like battery or DC current. We... details


Benefits of shower

Cold shower:   Cold shower always gives you Energy and helps to improve concentration. It increases productivity. It always helps... details


7 foods that can kill cancer

Turmeric: This spice not only fights cancer but also has many health benefits such as low blood sugar, weight loss,... details


Anti Bug Spray

      Now-a-days mosquitoes and flies are carrying various viruses. People are getting affected by many diseases. So here... details


Why we need to drink water in the empty stomach

    There is 90% water in the brain, 83% in the blood, 22% in the bones and 22% in... details


Ramadan Health Tips

    This year, the holy Ramadan fell in summer so fasting hours became longer. We need to take proper... details


Plants that keep bugs away

Lavender: Moths, Fleas, Flies, Mosquitoes Catnip: Mosquitoes Marigold: Mosquitoes, Aphids Rosemary: Fleas, Ticks Peppermint: Spider, Mosquitoes, Ants... details


30 Days water challenge for the next 30 days

Drink water: After waking up 30 minutes before breakfast 1 hour after breakfast 30 minutes before lunch 1 hour after... details


Trees make the Summer comfortable

While summer is the time when we spend most of our time outdoors, we stay inside our house to keep... details


Get Rid of Blackheads

Blackheads are a hinder to a good-looking face and can take quite some time until you get rid of them.... details


Popup Splinter

Need to know, remove a splinter easily by applying a paste of baking soda and water. You have to wait... details


Iron Tips

When ironing a button- up shirt, flip it inside-out to easily iron over the button side. It will help to... details


Use a paperclip or a tooth pick to find the end of a tape roll

Use a paperclip or a tooth pick to find the end of a tape roll. Its very useful and save... details



It creates problem when you look out the side window if you have car sickness. This thing will make you... details


Prevent Falling Buttons

    Nail polish is very helpful for preventing buttons from falling. If anyone uses nail polish on the button,... details


Tricks off egg shell

    It is the most easiest tips and very useful for everyday life. When you are going to boil... details


Remember dates of each month by a simple trick

Have to start counting of knuckle on your left hand. Move to the groove just to the right of your... details


Eraser Trick

Eraser can remove some temporary scratches on car or glasses. First you have to clean that scratch with a wet... details


Clean The Silver

This is the way how to clean silver with aluminum foil and baking soda. Components: Water Aluminium Foil Soda You... details


Some Toothpaste Life Hack

Toothpaste can remove stains or marks on cloths It also repair scratched CDs and DVDs It can clean Jewelry Also... details


Color Code Your Keys

  Keys are detected by different colors by nail polish:   A simple dot can be the identity of a... details


Locate your Lost phone and Lock it

  You have to Sign in first to the Android Device Manager website at then ensure that your current... details


Glass trick
Boost your Music or Alarm

A drinking glass can help you like a sound booster. If someone is a deep sleeper and have problems to... details

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