Tuesday , 27 June 2017

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Xbox One X comming………

    Xbox One X will be released in 7 November 2017. The price of this console is 499.99$. It... details


NASA releases some new pictures of Jupiter

Juno Spacecraft shows the first close-up of the planet’s southern lights. Juno flew below Jupiter’s innermost radiation belt. It found... details



      This chair will never flip over. It’s called U.F.O. The Chair only touches the ground at one... details


Thinoptics: DREAM GLASS

You will never lose your glasses. There is no chance to break. These are Thinoptics. These reading glasses could be... details


Golden Egg

      If you stumble across a giant golden egg in Sweden consider yourself lucky. It’s actually a big,... details


Tyer Wind

The best way to generate energy from nature is to imitate it. Tyer wind has created a new wind turbine... details


Aircraft: Life Saver Plane

  This airplane rescue system may change Aircraft security forever. In case of emergency, the capsule detaches itself from the... details


The Monkey King

    China made a Gladiator robot called The Monkey King. This is a single seat fighting robot. It’s about... details


Alternative Plastic

      Scientists are developing an edible food packing made from milk proteins. It could replace single-use plastic in the... details


      Microsoft is launching a new surface laptop. This is the first Microsoft laptop, containing windows 10s and... details


NASA Taking Risk of $3.26 billion spacecraft

This spacecraft is about to go where no other has gone before in the deepest regions of Saturn’s rings. There... details


Robot is printing a tiny house

A Ukrainian homebuilding named PassivDom prepare a robot what can print some part for a small house. The walls, roof... details


The Waterproof Note Book

Recently, scientists invented waterproof notebook which is actually made with stone. Traditional paper made by wood and water is recycled... details


Space X and NASA is planning send tourist to MOON

‘Space X’ a private rocket company recently announced a dream project which can make a great humming all over the... details


Nokia 6 Made a record

Nokia is releasing new phones on market with android operating system. It is very highly noticed that people are responding... details


What is TIME

  Assume, you are eating in a restaurant and suddenly the waiter comes and says, “I’m gonna ask you a... details


Flying Taxi is in Dubai
Dubai Launching Hover Taxi

  A self-driving hover taxi model by China tested Dubai transport authority and they have a aim to introduce with... details


Robo Dragonfly
Dragonfly turns into robot and get superpower

Airborne drones came from birds, bats and insects by a long time process of following and researching by scientists. The... details


Rice can fix your phone
Recover Your Water Damaged Phone

If your phone drop in toilet or any type of place where it can be damage by water here is... details


Gel-Based Transparent Robots by MIT Engineers

MIT engineers has developed transparent, gel-based robots that may one day assist in surgical operations and evade underwater detection. Some... details


Super-Tech Glove Turns Gestures into Music

Anindya Nahar Habib If you are every now and then tapping your hand on your desk or on your way... details


Smartphone’s Bright Light Messes Your Metabolism

  Eshan Maitra Sunshine! Direct sun-beam sends signal to the brain that, it is time to wake up. In the... details


Home Styling Tips For Tech Enthusiasts

Fabia Shahzadi Every time I hear the phrase “smart home,” my minds spin straight to a house where everything is... details


Ancient Advanced Greek Astronomy Computer

Eshan Maitra There have been countless theories about this mysterious clock like sophisticated machine. For past century it has always... details


New Tech To Breathe Underwater

Marilyn Thipthorpe Using specially synthesized crystalline materials, scientists from the University of Southern Denmark have created a substance that is... details


All Scientific Papers Going Public by 2020, in Europe

Eshan Maitra “Knowledge should be free” – European leaders in science have finally taken this seriously and announce that all... details


Hitler Code Machine Found

Marilyn Thipthorpe Historians discovered a code machine used by Adolf Hitler to swap top secret messages with his generals when... details


What is YouTube Red?

Eshan Maitra You daily YouTube-users already noticed some advertising videos about YouTube Red contents YouTube. Left you wondering about the... details


The Internet Lies

Samiul Bashar Samin The Tumblr Literally Unbelievable hosts nothing but screen shots of people on Facebook taking at face value... details


Smartphone’s Bright Light Messes Your Metabolism

Eshan Maitra Sunshine! Direct sun-beam sends signal to the brain that, it is time to wake up. In the same... details

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