Friday, 20 October 2017

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PayPal will benefit freelancers and expatriates: Palak

 Reported by: Mobinur Rahman Written by: Tanzim Taqrim State Minister of Post, Telecommunications & Information Technology Zunaid Ahmed Palak said... details


Tax evaded smart phone-tab in trouble

Reported by: Riku Amir Written by: Tanzim Taqrim Arnob Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) plans to control the smart devices... details


Snoo, A Robotic Crib

    Snoo, is the name of a robotic crib. Dr. Harvey Karp, Yves Behar and some MIT trained engineers... details


Lighting Shoe

  Light up shoes will not for kids now. Users are using Orphe led shoes by using smartphone app. They... details


Cheap Fidget Spinners are harmful

  According to a recent investigation, low cost fidget spinners may cause serious injury. Children are at risk with this... details


€500,000 iPhone stole like First and Furious scene

    Five men from Romania raided a truck full of iPhones dramatically. They are near about 33-43 years old... details


Tesla model 3 Launched

Tesla is very famous in the international market for making electric cars. Recently Tesla launched their new model 3 vehicle... details


Apple Stops Making iPod NANO and SHUFFLE

  Apple decided to stop making their iPod Nano and iPod shuffle. When Apple launched iPhone in 2007 it was... details


Use Mobile Scanner

Sometimes we need to scan papers for many different works and we are unable to scan papers with a scanner.... details


Lava Rocks and Lumps captured by underwater robot

  An underwater robot captured a big amount of lumps and lava rocks which were found below three reactors in... details


MS Paint is no more

  Microsoft released their new update of windows 10 and it is Autumn Creator’s update with some new features. From... details


IOS launching a finger print service to call 911

    A new service recently has been offered by Apple that can help users to call secretly to 911... details


China is making $150 billion AI industry

    Beijing published a timeline on Friday about some artificial intelligence. They are hoping that it will make them... details


Detecting a strange radio signal from a Little Star

  A strange radio signal is received from A Star which is located just 11 Light-years away. No planet was... details


Swimmer Micro robot will prevent diseases

        Think that, a microscopic machine could swim in a person’s blood vessel and is delivering medicine... details


Some useful hacks for internet users

    If you want to browse a blocked website, just put the address into Google translate.   Press windows... details


Super Glove by NASA

    NASA wants to make its astronauts as strong as Iron man. They’re placing robotics into gloves to make... details


Xbox One X comming………

    Xbox One X will be released in 7 November 2017. The price of this console is 499.99$. It... details


NASA releases some new pictures of Jupiter

Juno Spacecraft shows the first close-up of the planet’s southern lights. Juno flew below Jupiter’s innermost radiation belt. It found... details



      This chair will never flip over. It’s called U.F.O. The Chair only touches the ground at one... details


Thinoptics: DREAM GLASS

You will never lose your glasses. There is no chance to break. These are Thinoptics. These reading glasses could be... details


Golden Egg

      If you stumble across a giant golden egg in Sweden consider yourself lucky. It’s actually a big,... details


Tyer Wind

The best way to generate energy from nature is to imitate it. Tyer wind has created a new wind turbine... details


Aircraft: Life Saver Plane

  This airplane rescue system may change Aircraft security forever. In case of emergency, the capsule detaches itself from the... details


The Monkey King

    China made a Gladiator robot called The Monkey King. This is a single seat fighting robot. It’s about... details


Alternative Plastic

      Scientists are developing an edible food packing made from milk proteins. It could replace single-use plastic in the... details


      Microsoft is launching a new surface laptop. This is the first Microsoft laptop, containing windows 10s and... details


NASA Taking Risk of $3.26 billion spacecraft

This spacecraft is about to go where no other has gone before in the deepest regions of Saturn’s rings. There... details


Robot is printing a tiny house

A Ukrainian homebuilding named PassivDom prepare a robot what can print some part for a small house. The walls, roof... details


The Waterproof Note Book

Recently, scientists invented waterproof notebook which is actually made with stone. Traditional paper made by wood and water is recycled... details

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