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Combined and unified admission test – how far?

Dr. Forqan Uddin Ahmed, Former Deputy General and Commandant, Ansar VDP Academy: Recently the S.S.C examination concluded. Generally after examination, our students go on pleasure trip with their friends and meet their dear and near ones. This is the tradition of our country. However, this year the picture is quite different. Meanwhile, coaching has started and it is almost like the condition of the soldiers fighting in the battlefield. Recently, Jagannath University has taken a resolution to give up MCQs in a bid to combat fraud and fraudulence in admission test question papers.
Are these not in conformity with the policy of combined admission test? – A decision made in a meeting of all VCs in presence of honorable Chancellor Md. Abdul Hamid. It was a decision from the head of the state in order to reduce the admission troubles of the students and their relevant guardians.
Every year it is discussed but ultimately, it does not come to pass. The initiative was taken in the year 2008, when Dr. Hosen Zillur Rahman was the education adviser. Similarly the same issue was discussed in the years till now but it remains confined only to discussion, it never comes to light.
This again has become a matter of confusion to students and guardians. In the traditional system, students have had to suffer a lot. They run from one place to another, one institution to another. In the midst of such hassles, many students do not appear in examination in time. They even spend a lot of money. The institutions may not earn a considerable sum of money but their combined system will indeed reduce the sufferings of the students and the guardians. Now the question arises – is preparing a guideline a difficult task in context of question paper selection, secrecy of question papers, transparency in publication of results, how the examination will be controlled? And will there be any bureaucratic complicacy?
All things mentioned above combined may culminate to a good decision. It may be a challenge to the authorities concerned but if we don’t dare to face challenges, how we will get the fruits? If we fail, it would undoubtedly defame our integrity and dignity. How could we expect to build up a developing and digital Bangladesh and attain sustainable development goals for our future generation. Are we afraid of it?
If so, how can we develop our education sector? How can we organize our human resource development? How can we build up our leadership and finally how would we make our people skilled and resourceful? The combined admission test should be taken immediately after the HSC examination. If we pass the time, the students should prepare themselves for admission test again. Moreover, they have to pay a lot for getting admission in coaching centers. If we take the admission test just after the HSC examination, students can prepare in the examination with their HSC preparation and coaching business will be stopped. Thus we can save money of the middle class and lower class people. The decision of combined admission test should be taken immediately.
The traditional procedure of admission test must be stopped by the comprehensive efforts of UGC and the university authorities. In no way can it be compromised for interest of some vested groups. In this regard, all the pertinent bodies must come forward with sincerity and commitment to work towards the nation’s interest. This is the election year. The government is taking rational measures and constructive plans and giving mandates for people’s happiness. Meanwhile leakage of question in examination has been stopped and no surplus tax is being imposed in budget and even the Padma Bridge is going to be completed. So, the decision of combined admission test might be a milestone for coming election. Our people are now conscious. So any steps taken by the government will stir up the people’s sentiment.
Our students are hopeful in getting a combined guideline of admission test. Still, there is a time to look after the matter. Otherwise, students’ future will be spoiled. Negligence or lacking of initiative may ruin the future of our students. God knows what is in store for them. The policy makers have their adequate data and they are equipped with technology and information. We believe the concerned authorities are also caring towards our young boys and girls. With all the things considered, would we not come forward to make our students a presentable life?

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