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Improving corporate visibility in mainstream and social media

Md. Habibul Alam, Public Relations Coordinator, Khan-Bahadur Group: The country, which once had very few channels, now has more than 30 channels and the number of other types of media is also increasing as the day progresses. There has been a noticeable increase of internet users in mobile, laptop and other gadgets too. Currently, almost 80 million people, mostly mobile phone users, use internet. Consequently, the opportunity of corporate visibility in media has also sharply increased in last couple of years.
Like many other professions, career opportunities in the field of communications and public relations, like career opportunities in government offices, embassies, business, banks, developments, public and private universities for communications professionals, have expanded significantly in the last couple of years as Bangladesh is becoming economically more viable. Since the media landscape has changed, communication-focal people now have to be very smart and strategic to become successful professionals.
A pro who has just started his career in the corporate sector often struggles to identify the right media and tools to convince the management. Therefore, they must be well equipped where combinations of latest and traditional practices of Public Relations should exist. For instance, social media is now a thriving platform to develop business and other relevant institutions which often include Digital Media Buying (sponsoring content in Facebook) to reach desired target group e.g. BRAC, PRAN Group. It is handy as it can be measured in terms of views, shares and comments. Even a pro can go for Digital Media Buying (as sponsor content) in terms of view-promoting good practices. Likewise, Facebook Live can also maximize organizational visibility if use of celebrity, cricketers and other popular figures can be applied. Another exercise of visibility is having a Corporate Facebook Page to promote ideas, promotional contents and feedback sharing news.
Special events like the ongoing FIFA World Cup can be the best examples for maximum visibility in print media. However, it is easily assumed that all organizations cannot afford spon soring news or TV programs but visibility is equally important for them too. So, these organizations can choose front-page stickers, newspaper insertions to save costs.
Currently, more than 80% of mobile phone users use internet. Thus, it has surely augmented the tendency of reading news online over than print. Considering the fact that many organizations now prefer to place advertisement in online news portals for visibility, many online news portals offer insertion of advertisement in between any news section of news: top of the homepage, bottom or other desired sections based on the needs of the organizations.
Communications professionals also need to be well-aware about the image-building process. Although there are several ways to promote organizations in media and the public sphere, winning awards are the most-used and recognized ways of image-building process. For example, City Bank (Bangladesh) won The Finance Asia award, a prestigious award in 2018.
In Bangladesh, there are a good number of awards on development of social, business, development, banking organizations presented to companies and people for their immense contribution in the areas concerned.
Qualified experts and organizations should compete for such awards for the purpose of promoting their organizations in a positive manner.
Awards are very encouraging for advancing in career but focal people should share the news for internal and external people through reports, press releases, features/articles on mainstream and social media. As a result, the target groups like government, donors and consumers will be duly informed on such achievements.

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