Monday, 16 July 2018

Quota issue and the probable solution

Dr. Forqan Uddin Ahmed, Former Deputy General and Commandant, Ansar VDP Academy: Quota has become a sensitive issue recently. Many a people call it a movement for ‘quota cancellation’ while another group term it ‘quota reformation’ movement. There are several categories of quota: student admission quota, patient’s admission seat quota, government service quota etc. In every sector there is a system or policy by which quota is maintained. When it is maintained by its established rules and regulations, there is no corruption but when it is made flexible and manipulated, justice is denied.
In our country we see many scenarios of quota manipulation through pressure from elites or influential groups. Again, it is made flexible by dishonest policymakers in power. Unfair means are adopted to satisfy a vested group and deserving people become deprived of their rights and privileges. The existing government service quota is our concern now. The way it is functioning, the meritorious are hanged and the less-qualified are served. Eventually, this leads to damage and disaster.
Before it was turning into a burning issue, our honorable PM called for its cancellation and the quota reformation movement came to a halt. Despite the decision, there has been a delay to execute the PM’s declaration. Although there is no ambiguity in it, how it will be executed, its terms and references and its gradual progress report must be made open and public. A dateline should be fixed by policyholders. With this, the policyholders should not sit idle, they must be serious. Where there was chaos, conflict, confrontation with this issue, our prime minister intervened, preventing from getting worse. Through her intervention, it the nation was saved from critical situation.
However, the government must be very careful in handling it. But the concern starts from the course of implementing the process without delay because of bureaucratic complicacy. To address the problem, the government must give top priority. The authority concerned can in no way waste time. There are yet remarks and views about the issue that must be brought to open discussion with people from all walks of life. In no way should there be torture against those who raise their voice. They must not be ill treated or mishandled – by which humanity is lost. The attacks by the pro-student wing of government party must be stopped. Otherwise, it will tarnish the multiple good works of government and its image may be destroyed.
This must not become a political issue – as this is an issue of general students, it needs to be taken into consideration rationally and prudently and resolved by the government policy makers. The issue is yet to be dissolved despite PM’s decision before two months. Now the quota movement protestors are becoming frustrated. Some people are worried that this issue may be killed politically, so the intervention of politicians must be addressed. The parliamentarians may play a significant role for the solution of this crisis. The sooner it will be dissolved, the sooner it will be better. Some have said immediately after PM’s decision that it was necessary to form committee, discuss, and negotiate on seminar.
Attack and assault on general students is objectionable and unethical. It is not accepted by the state. The unemployment situation is getting worse day by day, where revised quota cannot give any solution to thousands of unemployed youths. Now is the time to execute the PM’s decision that cancellation of quota is essential. Revised quota system may be introduced after certain period of having a realistic picture of unemployed in different quotas. Besides, the number of degree holders, highly literate, moderately literate, illiterate must also come in the picture.
Again, how many are from urban and how many from rural must all come under survey. We must realize that it is an issue of our youth. Many concepts must be taken into consideration to address the issue, whether introducing quota will solve unemployment. The unemployment condition is getting worse day by day. If all youths are entangled with this issue, revised or reformed quota will not solve anything. Therefore, quota cancellation is the demand of present situation. There may not be any alternative.

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