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Attackers of the protestors should be brought to justice

Prof. Dr. Mizanur Rahman, Vice Chancellor, Jagannath University: Those who assaulted the quota reform protestors should be brought to justice. The method of attack seemed to indicate that the attackers had intended to harass the protestors. This should be remedied.
The protestors have a voice and they have a right to express that. As long as they do not disrupt harmony or break the law, no one has the right to obstruct them. Peaceful protests exist in a democratic society. In fact, those against quota reformists also have an opinion. Let them also make a counter-dialogue. But assaulting or violating, especially the kind which the media reported about at Rajshahi University, is not at all ethical or acceptable. These sorts of actions should be remedied. Even after the prime minister’s directive regarding quota, there have been no resolution. Thus, she should make a more transparent directive. The protestors have to be made aware of the government’s intention regarding the quota crisis. The honorable prime minister announced in front of the house that the quota system will be scrapped – an undisputed announcement. Thus, steps should have been taken much earlier. Let the protests end here. A prolonged demonstration is not favorable. Since the premier ordered the quota system to be scrapped, we need a successful resolution to this, whether through the committee report or through the government action.
Whenever there is any protest or campaign, many other factions infiltrate it. The initial angle of the campaign no longer remains the sole purpose; to facilitate their own selfish goals, the infiltrators sabotage the movement through various schemes. The primary problem here is the uncertainty regarding quota. In fact, the freedom fighters’ quota itself is a problem. More than 9% of the freedom fighter quota has not even been completed, whereas the main difficulty was in presenting even 30%. This is mainly a psychological issue – it has been sensationalized as being committed by ‘anti-liberation’ forces. Overall, many sides are prepared to take advantage of the instability; therefore a solution should be identified as quickly as possible. The students should return to their classrooms and the government should transparently vocalize their intentions. And all the criminal offenses that occurred in the middle of all this should be remedied.
Based on an interview by Mahbubul Islam, translated by Abrar Hussain

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