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Militancy, Rohingya crisis and the country’s public safety

Maj Gen (retd.) A K Mohammad Ali Shikder

Maj Gen (retd.) A K Mohammad Ali Shikder, Columnist and security analyst : Militancy is a problem for the world at whole. Everyone is working toward its cure. Militants do not belong to any country, nor have they any religion. They are enemies to the humanity who are must to eliminate. Which is why, allying with the rest of the world, we have continued the drive against militants adopting zero tolerance policy.
Militancy is very much under control now but not completely eliminated. The law forces are at their maximum in the cause as well. Bangladesh’s success in curbing militants is enviable to the rest of the world. Bangladesh has shower the whole world how to break their backbones following the Holey Artisan tragedy. Militants in the country are now in a scattered state. Although they come with continuous efforts to reform, will never succeed. Because the continuous drives by the law enforcers are constantly making them weaker.
The militants have instigators who are wealthy enough. They may as well try to recruit the Rohingyas by financially luring them. It is quite clear that the threat they are becoming toward the nation. The nation has a population of 16 crore. Based on that, the percentage of people interested in militancy is very low.
When the masses will create a wall of protest, the militants will face dire consequences. They will then be neglected widely and find no place to go at all. With the mounted pressure, they will not get any scope to reform at all. The law enforcers, mass and media will continue their efforts against militancy until the militants’ are uprooted.

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