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The UN will have to show strong stance to continue pressure on Myanmar

Waliur Rahman, Former Diplomat and International Relations Analyst: The UN chief’s call for the entire world to work together in order to resolve the Rohingya crisis is extremely significant. The UN has been very vocal about the Rohingya issue. They have mounted pressure on Myanmar to take back the refugees. Even though its actions in this regard have been very significant, the UN should work more in resolving the areas where they face still obstacles. There is still a lot more to do. The UN will have to echo their strong stance to Myanmar regarding the repatriation of the Rohingya refugees.
They cannotback down. The Rohingya issue is not a creation of Bangladesh; these people have come to our country seeking refuge from persecution by the Myanmar military. A humanitarian Bangladesh gave these refugees shelter, food and safety. The entire world has praised our humanity and bravery. The UN chief upon his visit praised Bangladesh and called upon the whole world to work together in this regard. I also agree to this notion. The more nations and people mount pressure on Myanmar and protest against this injustice, the more noticeable the solution for this problem will become. Meanwhile, the whole of humanity already stands alongside the Rohingyas in their time of need. We all want to see the obstacle-free repatriation of the Rohingya people, because these people have to return to their homes. Myanmar must take them back.
Rohingyas are a security risk. It is not possible to shelter them forever. Lakhs of these refugees are already putting a strain on our economy. The local people are suffering in many ways due to these Rohingyas. Their way of life is at risk. We cannot let this happen.
Up till now, Bangladesh has been on the right path. We are advancing forward through extensive dialogue and with international support. Diplomatic pursuits are still in progress. Even our neighbors who were silent regarding the Rohingya issue have come forward. I am very hopeful that this crisis will be solved. Based on an interview by Ashiq Rahman, translated by Abrar Hussain

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