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Eligibility in teaching, quality education complements to each other

Dr. Forqan Uddin Ahmed, Former Deputy General and Commandant, Ansar VDP Academy: Development and education coexist and they are so linked that one cannot flourish without other. Without education, modernization and development are absurd. Like other developing countries, Bangladesh is no exception, though it is giving priorities to education.
But how far is it meant for quality education that remains a question? According to UNESCO, a developing country requires to spend 6% of its GDP for education while we spend only 2%. But the present situation is rather better than its past. This is a good amount from budget point, but how fair is it spent and whether is it effectively used or there is a proper output?
These all points must be taken into consideration. From these issues, quality education has become very part and parcel. It is true that literacy rate is more or less satisfactory, but the number of qualitative figure is not increasing. The finance minister himself is the example. One information comes from him that the foreign experts are given almost 5 billion of dollar as commission, fee, allowances per anum which amounts to 500 crore dollars.
Only 2 lakh foreign experts are taking away this big amount of foreign currency to their native land. This happens only for the shortage of our own skilled personnel and lacking in knowledge in the respective area or field of expenditure. The majority of these outside citizens belong to India and Sri Lanka who are technically sound and skilled in English language.
Every year, a good number of students are obtaining graduation and post-graduation. Majority are not employed whereas two lakh managers, consultants and specialized engineers are being appointed. It is only because that our people are not specialized and skilled. They don’t have the quality training and education.
What is responsible for it? It is for the reason that our teachers are not up to the expected standard. Only a sound curriculum and syllabus cannot fulfill optimum desire. An eligible teacher not only imparts lesson, but draws students’ attention, eager and interest to studies and again students are motivated by him towards an ideal and noble life.
For that, teachers are said to be the architect of building human life. By knowledge and quality a man can prosper. We are lagging behind for want of eligible teachers. Like any other profession, teaching is also considered as one for maintaining livelihood.
But this profession is neglected. So, the meritorious do not urge to take it as a profession. In this field the majority choose it finding no other alternatives. At present the bellow average are coming to this field by giving donation or other way. This is injurious for the institution and affects the whole educational environment.
From the British rule and afterwards, the government service has been made very attractive and powerful. In Bangladesh this colonial legacy is continuing and no government is taking any steps to break it. The masses are still handicapped to bureaucratic system. No office is rendering their proper service for the welfare of the deserving people.
There are attractive sectors where people want to be employed for a mind to earn much more and beyond the limit or range. This has been accepted by our community also it is getting institutionalized and convention. People are being fascinated by it. At present, teachers also are indulging themselves to earn money illegally by lunching coaching centre and tuition business.
In the past, it was not practiced as it is now going on. This is like a competition in the realm of corruption and dishonesty. Achieving grade has become important in the society now.
The non government secondary school teachers are the worst sufferers, in respect of payment form government side. The picture is not at all satisfactory. One MPO teacher gets only Tk16,000 per month. House rent ceiling is Tk1,000 thousand and Eid bonus is 25% of his or her salary. By this, he hardly maintains his livelihood.
The public servants are enjoying 100% facilities including the yearly pay increments. This discriminating scenario demoralizes the teachers and it is the main cause of dissatisfaction among the teachers. Even the facilities like promotion from government school are not in equality with other government sectors. Here there is a limited scope for promotion.

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