Wednesday , 18 July 2018

Life’s journey is both inward and outward

Azfar Aziz

Azfar Aziz, Advisory Editor, Daily Finland : We start our life with exploring the outside world accessible to the senses. It is a dialogue with the world. It is also necessary to discover one’s social calling, uniqueness, mission, and destiny and embracing the passion of this discovery. At its height, people go on pilgrimage to find answers that can’t be found in the world of form. It is risky, but the greater risk is never finding them.
Simultaneously, we start an inward journey, a spiritual pilgrimage — that is an inner dialogue with our animal selves, our human selves and our higher selves. The findings in the outbound journey are reflected in and stimulate the inner one. It means living a life of contemplation and meditation, and developing an awareness of one’s relationship with existence and non-existence. And at the end, it culminates in a quest to know one’s own self, which is the most difficult, as it encompasses going through an experience of being nonexistent, variously called the “dark night of the soul” or “death before death” or simply “the void.” The Sufis call it Fanafillah or annihilation in God. Dvija, a synonym of the Brahmin caste, also derives from this process, as it involves dying to one’s lower selves and being reborn in a higher form of life.
The purpose of the society is to expedite and help the young ones make these two, parallel journeys in rhythm. The society is not supposed to preach but to help one walk one’s own miles.

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