Monday, 16 July 2018

Voters cast ballots; BNP claims vote rigging!

Dr. Mamtazuddin Patwari

Dr. Mamtazuddin Patwari, Professor of History, BOU : Awami League-backed candidate Jahangir Alam defeated his BNP counterpart Hasan Uddin Sarkar by bagging more than double the votes the latter got in the Gazipur city polls. Hasan told the journalists that their aim was not to grab the power; rather they wanted to unveil the real character of Awami League at home and abroad. This statement carries a lot of importance.
The main goal of BNP was disclosing the vote rigging by Awami League, not winning the election. But it has become a matter of great importance that how successful BNP has been in real, in this regard. If there is vote rigging, the media, the people and different organisations will not notice that: how can that be possible? If BNP thinks that only the party sees everything and others turn a blind eye—they can think so.
But it is only the party that can say how much peace it will get by thinking so. The result of such thinking is not good in politics.
From the beginning of the election procedure, BNP had been making different allegations as they did during all the previous elections. In the Cimilla city polls, a faction of Awami League was active to defeat its rival faction. Even the candidate was picked up from the Afzals. BNP had the advantages in hand and thought that the polls results will something different. As they won the city election, the party thought that raising such allegations will always work. Since then, BNP kept on making allegations, only to come victorious in the elections. If fail, they have the song of vote rigging, which they are comfortable with. But it seems that the tactic of BNO has turned into an evil trick and voters do not pay heed to such complaints. The voters cast their ballots in all the polling centres, excepty for just nine ones. The frequency of voters was quite rich until the noon, which started to reduce until the end of voting. This can happen in any election and there is nothing wrong in it. This is the reason for 57% voters exercising their franchise.
If there were massive vote rigging, a different type of scenario could have appeared in the polling centres since the noon. If that had happened, the matter must have been captured in TV or cell phone cameras. Even there could have been wide circulation of such videos showing ‘vote rigging’ on the social media. But nothing like that was seen. On the other hand, BNP at its Nayapaltan office organised a press briefing out of nowhere, where its leader Ruhul Kabir Riazvi Ahmed placed several allegations.
Interestingly, no information or evidence supporting his allegations could be presented during the press meet. The allegations placed by one did not match those raised by another. The people listened to it all through the media. But the Gazipur city voters were not made confused because they witnessed the real scenario of the voting physically. The Gazipur dwellers have seen that the campaigns were actually propagandas. The people living in other regions have understood that BNP was busy attempting to tarnish the image of the government through allegations and propaganda, instead of contesting in the polls. The telephonic conversation of Maj (retd) Mizanur Rahman proves that BNP’s position is no longer in a positive way; rather, the party is following the path of grabbing power. The matter was clarified through the Gazipur city polls. If the party does not change its strategy in the Barisal, Rajshahi and Sylhet city elections, it may face the same fate.
Translated by Sayeed Muhammad

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