Monday, 16 July 2018

All Social Conflicts Manifest from Ego

Azfar Aziz, Development Consultant, CREA and Advisory Editor of Daily Finland: All differences between groups, states, agencies, theories etc that obviously include partisan, communal, political, economic, theological, philosophic, so on and so on in the human world stem from ego and selfish interests or conflict of interest. When I have a different opinion from others, I would definitely like to think that mine has a greater value. This would then lead to differences, clashes and politics. The general tendency is that ultimately one opinion or decision should prevail over the others, because we need to act on the basis of that decision.
Therefore all opinions in materialistic terms should be valued in their context. All of them may be relevant in some context or the other and none can be junked  at the face of it. When we begin to respect every opinion we’re also able to bring the opinion maker in our sway. We’re able to show the contexts in which the opinions would be valid and the contexts in which they probably would not work that well. This creates mutual trust and harmony, because most of the disharmony occurs on account of disrespect, one over the other, one at the expense of all others. When all others become equally important to me as the one that would fit me, I begin the see the immense possibilities they hold. For each of them would lead to a definite goal and conclusion under different circumstances and would be apt for that circumstance.

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