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Why AL and Hasina an alternative to each other?

Dr Anupam Sen, Vice-Chancellor, Premier University: We had considered an evil act and force the August 15 incident. A vested quarter carried out the brutal killing mission. But the 2004 murder attempt on Sheikh Hasina implied that the state was behind the August 21 incident. Some people used the state power, to destroy the opposition.
Big changes surfaced in the country’s political arena through the way the Judge Mia drama was staged and the state was used in the August 21 attack. It was noticed that the state power was applied to silence the opposition, instead of any demonstration.
Since 1988, Hasina was subjected to 19 attempted murders. She was targeted by murderers repeatedly. But why is this happening? This is all because she’s the symbol of democracy and Liberation War. Bangabandhu was the symbol of Bangladesh. After her father, Hasina too turned into that symbol in many ways. The people consider her as the force of democracy and Liberation War. After the war, we came across many reactions from Pakistanis and the anti-Liberation War forces and the capitalists, who have many faces and foster the reaction. Henry Kissinger had termed Bangladesh a bottomless basket—a different reflection of capitalism.
Jawaharlal Nehru had played an important role in establishing democracy in India, saving democracy in several ways. Hasina is doing the same now. Our judicial system is completely independent. Hasina has taken the grenade attack case through a normal trial procedure. The same has happened with the Bangabandhu murder case. The ACC also seems to be independent and vigorous. Hasina herself is giving importance to the speech she delivers as the premier at the House, and to the statement of the parliamentary standing committee. This is how she is making the base of democracy in the country, which sill stand on a rather stronger base if only she stays in power for the next two terms.
In 1971, we achieved independence through Liberation War and millions of lives, thus, establishing a republic, helping us get democracy. Actually, there was no democracy in Pakistan and its constitution was flawed.
Since Awami League is a big political party, those supporting Jamaat and reactionary fundamentalists manage to infiltrate in it despite alertness. Evil forces try to intrude into any ruling party and our leaders also allow them for the sake of their minor interest. And the infiltrators try to embarrass the party.
Something like that happened in the time of Bangabandhu. Khandaker Mosharraf is a big example. Awami League has to be aware of such people and keep itself clean. It also has to keep transparent its associate organisations. Sheikh Hasina has tirelessly been working for the welfare and economic development of the commoners and she has to carry it on.
Translated by Sayeed Muhammad

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