Sunday, 19 August 2018

Why do careless drivers need counselling?

Dr Md Tajul Islam, Professor, National Mental Health Institute

Dr Md Tajul Islam, Professor, National Mental Health Institute : The race between buses, minibuses or other motor-vehicles is not coming to an end.
The whimsical attitude of drivers is not stopping either. The head of an old woman got separated after she fell under the wheels of a bus in front of the National Press Club recently. Despite so many talks, criticism, why does the death of humans in such a heartbreaking way continue? Who’s to blame for this.
It is the drivers who are to be held responsible for the random deaths, because they are the ones who run the vehicles; that too is a pace more than the fixed one.
They run the vehicles whimsically. Why does whim create?

Little love for others causes the situation. The lack of humanity is also to blame.
Even if a vehicle his someone, its driver runs over the victim. Then he is supposed to stop and save the victim. But he does not fearing action from the police and reaction from the people standing nearby. If they really are scared, why do they drive whimsically? They have many weaknesses. I have already mentioned many reasons. The situation will not change until we bring changes within us; no matter how hard we try to improve the situation. So they need to change their mentality and get trained and lesson on social responsibility. Most of the drivers are druggies; they consume liquor or have extramarital issues. They possess the meanest mentality. If someone is found to have distracted mentality, he or she needs counselling. Moreover, there are some psychological illnesses that need to be cured if diagnosed.
Translated by Sayeed Muhammad

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