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Narcotics: An International Problem

Tanvir Alam Khan , Assistant Managing Editor, The Daily Amader Orthoneeti & Apprentice Lawyer Dhaka Bar Association

Tanvir Alam Khan , Assistant Managing Editor, The Daily Amader Orthoneeti & Apprentice Lawyer Dhaka Bar Association : At least Bangladesh is not in the same situation as Mexico or its adjacent countries in the matter of narcotics abuse. South American belt and drug trafficking has an unidentifiable international relations. Mexican War on Drug was launched in 2006 against illegal drug trafficking syndicates existed in Mexico. Mexican government deployed Mexican military to intervene the issue. Even Mexican drug cartels controls the ninety percent cocaine entered into the United States markets, it was a great detrimental threat for public health and safety of the United States as well. The intensity of Mexican war on drug was not only confined in internal drug syndicates. Mexico is the biggest supplier of cocaine in global narcotics trading. Drug trafficking always has an international link to conduct its illegal business around the world.
Mexico is geographically blessed for its communication with Latin America and narcotics business was illegally developed through this geographic advantage. Many drug lords were born in the turf of Mexico. Narcotics lords used these routes via Mexico to transport their drugs into USA.
Global media CNN reported via congressional research services (CRS) Policy and analysis wing of United States congress, stated that, more than eighty thousand peoples were killed due to drug and narcotics related violence in Mexico. As the Mexican War on drugs was launched 2006, and potential researches were made to identify and testify the reason of the drug business outbreak in Mexico. Unfortunately Bangladesh is currently suffering with drug and narcotics substances among the youth. Harvard University institute of politics journal stated Mexico produced 125 metric pure heroin and marijuana cultivated in 18000 hectares. But in Bangladesh we do not have such numbers of narcotics manufacturers. Still our youth becomes sufferer and many families in Bangladesh become victims. The international effects behind the drug trafficking cannot be denied at all. It is an International problem existed in the world.
Our country basically becomes an unwanted victim of narcotics abuse. Mainly Yaba pills, it is a manufactured narcotic product of Myanmar, illegally transported into Bengal. Now based on all the newspapers and influential journalism reports produced in Bangladesh suggests that YABA tablet hold the highest portion of total consumable demand of narcotics. But this crazy drug and detrimental narcotics is somehow transported into our motherland. Several clandestine laboratories produced this narcotic which mainly situated alongside of border area. Yaba pill is composed of methamphetamine/amphetamine and caffeine. Three faculty members of department of pharmacy of Chiang Mai University of Thailand suggested that in a laboratory oriented pharmaceutical research methamphetamine and similar substances produced in south Asia mainly comes from Myanmar. Even the researchers said that in their extensive research 80 percent of methamphetamine consumed in Thailand is produced by the Myanmar. Thailand is also suffering from such narcotics problem. Bangladesh is geographically situated very close to the golden triangle. Golden triangle the name was given by the Central Intelligence Agency to the specific area situated within Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos. Golden triangle controls and distributes illegal drugs to its adjacent countries.
Myanmar plays an international role in methamphetamine and amphetamine production, even it is profound that some high Burmese military personnel were behind the narcotics trade. Myanmar was ruled by the Military regime for long time. Drug trafficking in south Asia becomes an international problem day by day. Not only Bangladesh is suffering from these difficulties but other states adjacent to Myanmar are also agonized with this problem. Even in Kolkata and some other provincial states in India faces uprising of using yaba tablet being found, many drug rehabilitation centers reported that.
Burmese Rebellious and insurgent militias groups existed in border area are sole responsible for methamphetamine trafficking and production in adjacent countries. Such border areas are rural and remote where unemployment is strong and lack of educational infrastructures profound, in such border areas illegal drug trafficking and trade grow very fast as it also gives financial assistance to these illegal traffickers at very first sight. But it must keep in mind that drug trafficking in a South Asia is an international problem. United Nations office on Drug and Crime asserted that long term abuse of yaba pills can produce strong dependence and respiratory failures, so it is also a great concern of public health and safety also. Only the International agreement and cooperation regarding this issue can solve the drug trafficking problem existed in south Asian belt completely. In failing to do so our generations and public health safety will be annihilate. International and regional mechanism implementation for control over illegal drug trafficking can reduce it. State parties must agree on a single point to stop this illegal act.

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