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Human rights and the Department of Narcotics Control’s responsibility

Dr. Mizanur Rahman, Former Chairman, National Human Rights Commission

Dr. Mizanur Rahman, Former Chairman, National Human Rights Commission : Combating and controlling drugs is the State’s responsibility and it has to do it. Every citizen wants the elimination of drugs and its influence from our society. However, killing the poor, small-time drug dealers who barely earn one or two paisa income will never stop the spread of drugs, unless the root of the problem is confronted.
To combat the problem at its source, the anti-narcotics division has to be made more efficient. They have to prove the effectiveness of their actions to the citizens of the country.
We know that drugs also crawl into our country from abroad. Thanks to mass media, we also know  through what route or medium and we have the necessary personnel to control its flow. But I cannot understand why our border security forces, who are deployed for the nation’s safety, are unable to contain the entry of illegal drugs from abroad. I feel that it should fall under more scrutiny. Wherever the drugs may come from, we must prevent it. We have to take necessary measures to stop the forces at its source.
There is some disagreement in the process in which the ongoing anti-narcotics operation is being conducted. Those of us who are students of the Law, who studied law, who have at least an iota of sense regarding the rule of law, know that disregarding and defying the law and performing extrajudicial acts lead to the birth of crime. Thus, the populace is wondering how legal, logical and ethical the process of murdering people in the name of ‘gunfighting’ really is. And having such doubts is completely normal.
There can be one or two gunfights. The law can accept if someone is killed in self defense. However, it is up to the Judiciary to decide whether the killings are genuinely in self defense or not. But I cannot claim that I had killed them first because they indented to kill me. It will not be by me, but the Court that will decide that whether he shot in self defense.
We obviously would not want the future of our security forces to be disgraced. We want them to fulfill the responsibility that the State has bestowed upon them. Let people live free and secure, with their rights upheld. May the members of our law enforcement agencies also be well. Let all of our aim be to represent to the world a humanitarian Bangladesh. We are all waiting for that day
Translated by Abrar Hussain

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