Sunday, 19 August 2018

Eid for the poor: Attention from the rich

Prof. Dr. M. Shah Nawaz Ali, Member, University Grants Commission

Prof. Dr. M. Shah Nawaz Ali, Member, University Grants Commission : After one month of fasting, we are nearing the Eid celebration. The succession of our fast will rely on how sincerely we were able to devote ourselves to Allah. The Almighty will surely bless us with his mercy if only our work can prove ourselves.
Eid comes with the message of harmony where there are no discriminations. But do we celebrate it accordingly? Take a look at our iftar menu. The affluent people are having many items where the low income ones have hardly anything to eat.
The rate of economic development of our country is surely amazing. But at the same time, the number of poor people in the country cannot be blown up in the air. Those of us living abroad are trying to bring changes in their fates by hard labour.
Farmers and the day laborers of the country are unable to meet solvency even after working every day. Some of them are living from hand to mouth. Are we giving these people the amount of support we are able to?
It is also true that not all of them will come forward by themselves seeking support. Many of them are seen in the manifestation of a strong personality even being living in extreme poverty. Here, the strong characteristics of the Bengalee are eradicated defeating all adversity.
All in all, we have to do our best supporting the poor of the country. State alone cannot do it if we are not in it as well. Instead of waiting for them to ask from us, we have to be at their disposal by ourselves. Not only during the Eid season, cooperation has to come up throughout the year.
Translated by Sofian Khan.

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