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Strong role from the society, hardline action necessary to stop drug menace

Dr. Forqan Uddin Ahmed, Former Deputy General and Commandant, Ansar VDP Academy

Dr. Forqan Uddin Ahmed, Former Deputy General and Commandant, Ansar VDP Academy : From the prehistory of mankind there were drugs, but their uncontrolled use has become a threat to the society these days. It is dangerous and it deteriorates a man and the society in a very cruel way. It is as alarming as diseases like cancer and HIV/AIDS. A drug user loses his all vitality of life forces. He is also a problem to the state.
A drug addict try to bring a sudden miracle change for his life, but in the long run, he/she fails. So junkie gets frustrated which pushes him or her towards several criminal acts like kidnapping, snatching and even terrorism too. Drug addiction is not treated as an offence. But it is a psychological and behavioral problem of a human being for which a man indulges to the very abnormal life style. The whole world is now suffering from this problem.
Due to geographical location, Bangladesh is being used as a transit of drug trafficking zone. So the drugs are easily affordable from different sources. The channels of this easy availability of drugs should be stopped.
So it is the family and society that should play an even bolder role in this case. Every society should take it as a campaign and under the move, necessary warnings must be given so that the initial gateway of the drugs is blocked. Families too have to step forward in this regard and the government must organise training, workshop, seminar, rally etc. The government should also create more employment for the youth so that the latter do not get derailed.
Anything going against the interest of the country and hampering the democratic right of the people will be dealt severely. The recent drives taken by the government against drug peddlers and suppliers will have positive result in the society. A good number of hoarders and dealers have been arrested, with some others killed in cross-fires. It is done in consideration of nation’s safety and security issues.
As a part of preventive measures the voluntary originations in country can also play a significant role to prevent it. In no way, a nation cannot be immersed into the deep sea of drugs. The youths should be protected from the deadly clutch of narcotics. With the awareness program political commitment is very essential. At this moment, the role of the press should also be very transparent and significant.
We are expecting that the entire world will be prudent to protect our future generation. We want to develop our confidence that we are able to build a good dwelling place where our offspring and future generation will live a normal and healthy. This is indeed a bold and valiant step against the drug traffics and hoarders.

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