Saturday, 18 August 2018

Contemporary Science and Elon Musk

Tanvir Alam Khan

Tanvir Alam Khan, Assistant Managing Editor , Daily Amader Orthoneeti: Contemporary science and technology has evolved in many aspects of human life. Technology in many contexts has shaped our life in diverse scenario. Recent tech is not only confined in communication based applications or social media oriented website. They are simple communication tools invented by computer science background peoples. But the real taste of technology is comprehensively divergent than making simple mobile apps. But they are also important for social integrity. They possess higher value in sect of communication.
Contemporary modern inventors in our edge are, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry page, Jack Ma, Jeff bezos, are consider as highly innovative and imaginative personalities. Elon Musk is a one of them. Elon Musk is not propagating technology stuffs into social issues, he expanded his vision into bigger scheme. Elon Musk is the CEO of SpaceX, and Tesla.
SpaceX is the most current phenomenal entity, however in Online or Silicon Valley. By profession he is an engineer. But as an inventor he is more precise and precedential. Musk shows the way to expand new innovative dimensional prespective. SpaceX is one of his masterpiece brainchildren.
SpaceX mainly abbreviated as space exploration Technologies Corporation.
The main segment of SpaceX trading is Space transportation. Space transportation is a unique feature of spacex, as it is completely new concept developing in western world arena. Space transportation is through private business organization is a substantial and efficient contemporary development in technology.
Elon Musk Goal is to colonize the Mars and reducing the space transportation cost. Colonization of Mars is a abstract concept, no men ever think of it in such occidental way. This is a sophisticated discipline that Elon musk developing from time to time. In 2002 Elon Musk started SpaceX, with a radical vision to reduce space transportation cost.
SpaceX research and development initiatives are mainly focused on reusability of space craft’s.
Authentic and humane approach he always prefers to serve to the whole mankind. As a product architect Musk proved that he relies on excellence. National highway traffic safety administration already awarded Elon Musk for his contribution in the field of transportation.
Many technology critics consider him as a same genre of Thomas Alva Edison. Many people probably do not know that Elon Musk created the Internet payment gateway PAYPAL, Later sold it.
Musk is also serving as the chief executive officer of OpenAI, a platform for Artificial Intelligence Research Company. Open AI intended to develop the crucial characteristics and ingredients of artificial intelligence research. Musk also leads another project called Neuralink.
As a new inventor and a scientist, product architect Elon musk achieved many awards, Inc Magazine Entrepreneur of the year for SpaceX and Tesla. American Institute of aeronautics and astronautics awarded him for SpaceX. In 2018 Elon musk is elected as fellow of royal society.

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