Saturday, 18 August 2018

Changes flow even to villages

Dr. Forqan Uddin Ahmed, Columnist & Researcher: Change is a name of concept and idea which is related to things both in concrete form and abstract in nature. In this world, things are indestructible. After a short period or at the end of life, everything in this world including the mankind is being vanished and destroyed. Again new things are formed and newly generated. This is a continuous process, through which, we see some changes.
These changes take place in different ways. We may mention two prominent factors–one is natural and the other is artificial. In an artificial format, we see different types of changes, namely-physical changes, chemical changes, analytical changes, synthetic changes, reformative changes and evolutionary changes etc. Again changes refer to shifting of one thing to another, shifting of one pattern to other, shifting of one step to another. So the shifting directs the motion of all things in the world. Again a change is concept towards modernism. And in consideration of time, most probably, we are running the modern time.
In this modern world, we are always facing competition of race and is changing and going fast. Every country is in the race of development. Modernism started in the 19th century. We all are living in the modern age. But could modernism in true sense touch us or our country? The answer would be affirmative. Yes, our country is in the line of modernism.
Day by day, Bangladesh is changing. We are getting new things, new ideas, and we are also sharing the concept of development like ICT with world people. Even we are exchanging and contributing our resources in talent-hunt across the world. After the 1947 partitioning of Bengal, there were only our divisional towns that were under the purview of development privileges. Then in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, 20 districts headquarters could enjoy the modern development facilities. After the independence of Bangladesh, 64 districts headquarters came under the umbrella of development until the 90’s. When the 21st century began, all upazilas and thanas came under the massive development scheme.
If we look back to the past, particularly in the 60’s when I was merely a boy, our villages were under out of electricity coverage then. It seemed to be dark because every house used to have big trees, deep jungles and bushes here and there. In my childhood, I dared to walk through the pathway of ponds, ditches and canals. Because the ponds and canal sides were full of bushy plants and grasses.
I remember a day, when I was passing bushy places and I happened to see hundreds of foxes and monkeys roam on my way. I was frightened and shouting with high voices for my rescue. And that time, there was a communication problem, there was no transport or good road. In rainy season, people were confined to their own houses as they would fail to move without boats.
After rainy season or at its early stage, people had to walk miles as there no highways or carpeted road, suffering immensely.
At that time, there had been shortage of foods and nutritious diet. The children were deprived of proper nutrition and vitamins. So, they could not groom-up with their body fitness. They were like poor, ill-fated as narrated by poet Jasim uddin. But, today developmental waves are flowing in every place. If one is just out of his doors, one can see many stationary shops, mobile shops, mobile-servicing centres. Motor-vehicles are flooding the streets.
Businessman carry on their business, farmers can do their job, students can easily go to their schools and colleges, which was not that easy in our time. At present, village people are very smart, they speak smartly. There are changes in life style.
Even there are changes in the conditions of roads, markets and schools. There are also changes in all cultural and social festivals. Changes are also seen in sports. In conclusion, we can say that we are passing modern times with changes occurring randomly. And, we are advancing with courage and valour for a peaceful and stable Bangladesh.

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