Saturday, 18 August 2018

Why do drivers become so reckless?

Dr. Md Tajul Islam

Dr. Md Tajul Islam, Professor of the National Institute of Mental Health & Research : Bus, minibus and truck drivers have often been found to be very reckless and intolerant, having short tempers and their behavior usually being very offensive.
They treat passengers whimsically and always compete with each other on the road. Such reckless behavior almost always leads to loss of life, with sometimes the drivers themselves getting killed or injured. They play puppet-masters with the lives of the masses. Why do the drivers possess such careless attitude? Perhaps two causes can be attributed to their behavior: most drivers and helpers are uneducated, thus being very immature. Their intelligence and insight are also immature, causing them to be unable to adopt timely decisions, leading to driving recklessly and competing with each other.
So what is the solution? Is it possible to change their savage mentality? If so, then  how? The first and foremost thing needed is education. They have to be made educated. The light of education is very important. It makes people more knowledgeable and conscious, allowing them to make proper decisions, which will reduce the risk of them driving recklessly.
Alongside education, practical education is also needed. They will be under the influence of the law, if not imparted courses or trained up. They will get aware of law and other issues. Gradually, they will learn positivity and humanity. Negligence in institutional education and training hinder the sense of responsibility. Even discipline does not grow well within them.
If the drivers are found to be psychologically ill, they have to be seen a psychologist. They have to follow whatever their doctor prescribes them.
Under no circumstances should drivers be allowed to drink and drive. They have to be given proper guidance in this regard. Only through healthy people and mentality will the rate of road accidents be reduced. This will potentially save more lives in the future. Stay safe, stay healthy and drive with a healthy mind.

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