Sunday, 19 August 2018

Experimental exams and pressure on students

Dr. Ajoy Roy, Academic

Dr. Ajoy Roy, Academic : Discussions regarding the education system have been going on for long. Ensuring quality education, right placement of excellence, whether students passing with high marks are able to perceive merit properly, whether they are going through proper nurture, these sectors are now in high concerns.
Amid these issues, irregularities and corruption in educa tion are also highly discussed. Question paper leaks in various exams are also well in discussion. People have tion are also highly discussed. Question paper leaks in various exams are also well in discussion. People have witnessed question paper leaks in almost all the examinations.
The government or the education ministry has taken several steps including exclusion of the MCQ system to prevent these irregularities. Government can do it. Different experiments can bring out some good result. But the question is whether such experiments at the beginning of their academic year are interfering with the normal study of the students or if they are thrown into pressure.
Authorities concerned have to take steady and careful measures in this regard. Purpose of any decision must ensure the betterment of the students. The government or the ministry has to ensure that the students are not uncomfortable with the decision they are taking. If the students feel to be under pressure, even an honest and sincere effort of the government or the ministry may fail as well. The government. should keep this matter in their mind.
Education ministry will adopt different initiatives for the sake of educational developments. If any guardian doesn’t feel up to that level, they can always inform. and so can the students if they consider such decision pressurising. Development in the education sector can only be done by the government or the ministry’s mutual efforts coupled with sincerity from the students, their parents and others.
Any decision taken mutually will be widely accepted. Breakthrough in the education sector will be possible when students are out of pressure.

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