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Chemical adulterators must be brought to justice

President Golam Rahman

Mahbubul Islam : No one should mix fruits with harmful chemicals and if anyone does so, they should be tried to the full extent of the law. These comments regarding poisonous chemicals in food were made by Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) President Golam Rahman as he was talking to the daily Amader Shomoy.
He said that it is the job of the nutrition authorities to examine whether fruit is contaminated by Formalin or Ethophen. Formalin is a poisonous chemical but it is also a naturally occurring organic compound. Thus any action cannot be taken unless there is absolutely no doubt regarding its presence in fruits. Whether call it Formalin or Ethophen, if there is even any hint of contamination then the proper steps must be taken to dispose of the infected fruits. It has to be ensured that any product that harms consumers does not make its way into the market. In the last 2 years, no action was taken against allegations of food adulteration. Before this, many contaminated fruits were destroyed. This year, the process has resumed. Businessmen should abandon this horrible practice of contamination. If they still refuse to do so and keep harming the public, then law enforcement authorities should take full action against them.
The CAB president further added that in every district, especially those where mangoes are produced, a committee is formed headed by that district’s respective DC. It has even been decided where and how to pick the mangoes, from which trees, etc. The government has organized awareness programs and has taken the proper, necessary steps in this regard. However, not everyone is heeding government regulation and this is why such crimes keep happening. The proper procedures are definitely being followed in the district or village levels, but when the fruits arrive in the capital they are found to be contaminated. Between this period is the travel time in which stocks are kept in reserve. What can be done in districts or villages if the transporters are responsible for corrupting the stock? The authorities should swiftly deal with these irregularities.

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