Saturday, 18 August 2018

What to eat, avoid at Sahri, Iftar

Dr Md Shahinul Alam

Dr Md Shahinul Alam, Associate Professor, Dept of Liver, BMSSU: We, the Muslims, fast during the month of Ramadan with an aim to earn grace from Allah. We put a hectic effort to get rather closer to the Almighty, by intensifying our daily prayers. We hope to fast this year as we do every year. We will eat a lot then.
Our food habit and menu change on this occasion; we do not have in Ramadan what we eat in the rest of the year. The demand of the calories that out body needs remains unchanged, but the time of have food changes. We take Iftar after breaking our fast, which we can consider breakfast as well. And the dinner can be categorised as lunch, while Sehri as dinner. And we have to prepare for taking our meal throughout Ramadan.
Our stomach gets empty due to fasting. This time around, the want of primary  calories gets higher than that of an average day. This year, Ramadan falls in summer, meaning that we have to starve 15-16 hours and intensifying thirst among us. The daylong fasting pushes up the demand for serbet and sweetened drinks or food at Iftar. Keeping the matter in mind, dates, locally popular desserts including firni, suji or halua are the most consumed items alongside serbet. Diabetes patients, too, can eat sweetened food, but in a permissible limit.
During Iftar, we eat oily food items such as piyaju, beguni and potato chops, which is never suggested by either nutrition or food science. Nutritious food is preferred most for Ramadan.
After fasting for the daylong, we become hungry a lot. But, overeating may turn troublesome. It will not be wise to have enough food before Taraweeh prayers. Rice and bread can on the list of foods, while excessive eating can never be accepted, which could affect health.
We have to eat such things at Sahri that will source us enough energy and will not cause hunger for a long period. Fish, meat, egg and vegetable would be suggested most. Beef is a must at the Sahri menu. After Iftar, one has to take enough vegetable and drink water. Various kinds of fruits are found in the market during summer. So, we can have them as much as possible. Proper diet at Iftar and Sahri will keep us fit. Wish your Ramadan days be beautiful. Greetings for all.

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