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    People suffer as commuters or lawmen defy traffic rule

Lt. Gen. (retd) Harun-Ar-Rashid, Security Analyst
People suffer as commuters or lawmen defy traffic rule

Lt. Gen. (retd) Harun-Ar-Rashid, Security Analyst

There are many cities in the world that are about two thousand years old. Say, for instance, London, Rome, Paris or Ethan are among the cities. They have not only been carrying tradition for the last 150-200 years, but thousands of years. Are the traffics of these cities less than that we have, or more? Ii is more. But even though their traffic is heavier, they are not creating three lanes from two, four lane  from three or six lane from four in the roads; those are being operated for decades. It is because they following a disciplined traffic system, which we cannot do.
In my opinion, there are three weaknesses in our traffic system. One is there is no implementation of law in our country. There are traffic rules, no one obeys them. The ones who implement the law won’t conform with it, which they should have done. Drivers, passers-by and even law enforcers do not obey traffic rules, causing the people to suffer. Now if everybody says that they will not follow the law, will there be any law then? No, there will not.
Aiming at removing this crisis, it is mandatory to ensure proper implementation of law. And classifications of the law in terms of its followers should not be in place. Law needs to be treated like a law. Now if a rikshaw-puller is given punishment, your media will create buzz, saying why he is being oppressed as he is a helpless person. This cannot be done.
A police constable sits at the corner of the road being exhausted after one or one and half an hour later, and an Ansar member replaces him for the job. A capital’s traffic cannot be controlled like this. Another matter of surprise in our traffic system can be noticed that cars ply the streets with the traffic lights still on, a big surprising fact of the world. Traffic police signals to proceed when the red light is shown, while police ask to stop with the green light showing up. I don’t know if this kind of situation happens in any other city of the world or not. Our traffic system is now useless.

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