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Quota reformation protests are an economic demo: Afsan Chowdhury

Afsan Chowdhury

Mahbubul Islam:The government and those loyal to it are making different comments on the reformation of quota in public service. That means no clear policy has been formulated over quota reformation as yet. Then, did the prime minister make her quota abolishment accouchement to calm the protesters?

Veteran journalist and researcher Afsan Chowdhury made the comments while talking to Amader Orthoneeti. He questioned the liberation war affairs minister’s comment about quota reformation despite the premier previously making the announcement. Any speech made by the prime minister is considered equivalent to a law. The minister said something different even after the prime minister’s speech. On the other hand, the premier said, “I did say (what should have been told is this case).” Separate reactions are coming from the government and the people who are loyal to it.

The situation clarifies that they are not taking the PM’s comment seriously. Since the premier made an announcement, it is not possible for her to backtrack from the pledge.

Her quota remarks mean that the quota system will be scrapped. Rather her fellows are creating an embarrassing atmosphere through haphazard comments over the issue. They might still have a ground if the prime minister had said the quota system would exist.

The government party is doing party-centric politics. So, people opposing the government are dubbed as Jamaat-Shibir men. They are doing politics with this kind of mentality. The quota protests are the biggest of their kind currently. So, they are trying to politicise it. The quota reformation protests are not meant for abolishing quota. It is an economic demonstration. A vast number of students are behind the protests, only seeking their fortune. Quota protests will not stop until the existing economic structure is changed. Even people are not accepting the claim that the quota protests are Jamaat-Shibir men. It really does not matter what HT Imam said about the protests.

Translated By: Sayeed Muhammad

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