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Canada’s new hero: Hockey player breastfeeds during game breaks

Sayeed Muhammad: In a brave move, a Canadian teacher and hockey player, Serah Small, is making rounds on the Internet as she appears to be breastfeeding a baby during a match of late. She came up with move as her aim is to tell mothers worldwide that it is okay to breastfeed anytime, anywhere – including the dressing room, reports the Hindustan Times. The 24-year-old loves hockey so much that she was back on the rink just eight weeks after giving birth to her daughter Ellie. During one of the games, she realised that she had forgotten her breast pump at home. So, she stripped down in the locker room and breastfed her baby during the game breaks. Small’s teammates  didn’t bat an eyelid, either. “They just continued getting ready. It wasn’t a big deal, they thought she was so cute. So that was it, it was normal,” she said. The woman said she tried to cover Ellie while breastfeeding, but was unable to do so as the baby suffers from tongue tie, is a birth defect that affects the connecting skin under the tongue hampering smooth latching. “I felt really empowered and no one looked or cared. I thought, ‘Wow, why did I make such a big deal out of this?’ I don’t think breasts should be a sex symbol when their main job is to nurture our children,” Small said. The new mother sent the photo to Milky Way Lactation Services, who posted it on Facebook. Small told CNN.

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