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ICT, the fastest & giant step towards achieving SDG

After long discussion and research, on 25 September 2015, the United Nation adopted 15 years of sustainable development goals, known 95 SDG. In the unanimous decisions of 195 member countries, the priority based 17 development targets (the target of which is 169 goals) were adopted. It has been mentioned that these targets have to be achieved by 2030 so that the world can develop in the humanitarian, hunger free, impartial modern society. The main 17 goals are- (1) No poverty, (2) Zero hunger, (3) Good health and well being for people, (4) Quality education, (5) Gender Equality, (6) Clean water and sanitation, (7) Affordable and clean energy, (8) Logical Decent work and economic growth, (9) Industry, Innovation and infrastructure, (10) Reduced Inequalities, (11) Sustainable cities and communities, (12) Responsible consumption and production, (13) Climate Action, (14) Life below water, (15) Life on land, (16) Peace, Justice and strong institutions, (17) Partnerships for the goals.Everybody’s idea about these goals is not transparent. Many believe that the United Nations has set it and the United Nations will implement it. This idea is wrong. Countries must adopt their own strategies to achieve the goals. For this reason, almost all the countries including Bangladesh have adopted and following their own strategy papers to implement the SDG. The United Nation promised countries that they would provide financial and technical support to implement the SDG. In addition each year in July, the United Nations Head Quarters in New York reviewed the progress of the SDG, Bangladesh regularly participates in it. As a result, other countries including Bangladesh, can companies, their progress and consider error-related mistakes and they can adjust themselves if necessary. In SDG implementation strategy, almost all goals are considered important for Bangladesh. The United Nations has also carried out research on the relationship and the role of information technology with these strategies implemented by different countries and ITU has recently published a guide. It is necessary to keep these indicators in mind to implement Digital Bangladesh. Below is a list of relevant parts for Bangladesh.
#Goal:Goal (1) : No poverty
Purpose : By 2030, all women & men, especially the poor and the helpless people, which have the equal right over the resources of the economy along with the basic rights, ownership and control over land and other property.
Succession, natural resources and appropriate new technologies and financial services and micro-credit facilities.
Recommended ICT instructions:Ensure easy access to broadband internet access in cities and villages in family proportions. The internet should be considered as a fundamental right, because it has been a long term research and financial investment in the formulation of this technology, where the acquisition of common people should now be increased and it will be cost effective. People can consolidate their economic position by using high-speed internet to improve their lives.
#Goal: Goal (4) : Quality Education
Purpose :Between 2030, increasing the number of education for young people & adults (especially tech & intellectual), which will create appropriate employment opportunities for skilled work force and entrepreneurs.
Recommended ICT instructions:Ensure ICT education, tech & skill development and fair quality education and training in person ratio.
#Goal:Goal (5) : Gender Equality
Purpose :To achieve gender equality in society and empower women and girls in the country.
Recommended ICT instructions:Ensure active and well established use of technology, especially in the development of women empowerment through information and communication technology. Increase the use of mobile phones in the gender ratio of the person and increase the scope of participating in style and skill development of ICT.
#Goal:Goal (9) : Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Purpose : Developing or building new reliable, sustainable and vibrant architecture. Regional and border-wide increased infrastructure, financial support development & human well being, these should be the basis for the proper industrialization of affordable prices for all those who are compatible will all goals.
Recommended ICT instructions:Research on the use of IT in the field of industrialization, increasing the use of ICT in a significant way, ensuring broadband internet access by 2020. In the LDC’s at universal and affordable prices and ensure broad access to broad band internet access in cities and villages in family ratio.
#Goal: Goal (16) : Peace, Justice and Strong institutions
Purpose :Peace and equality based system, which is the condition of permanent development. Access to justice and effective accountable and equitable universal institution must be created. Ensure public rights in the information and to protect fundamental freedoms and respect for national law and international treaty.
Recommended ICT instructions:Ensure internet access to information broadcast, Technology policy must be friendly in this fair society.
#Goal:Goal (17) : Partnerships for the goals
Purpose :Increase regional and international cooperation in improved north and backward south, south-south.
Recommended ICT instructions:Use of permanent internet broad band is influenced by the speed. Ensure internet access to the aspect ration. In crease ICT based banking management, development of the process of science technology & innovation & increasing interconnection.Bangladesh has taken the initiative to implement sustainable development goals by 2030 and we believe these ideas made by ITU has been kept in it. These issues are particularly important in the implementation of digital Bangladesh.
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