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Unpronounceable region is like going back to communist Russia

Tanzim Taqrim

The Soviet Union still exists in a corner of Moldova. It is impossible to get there by plane and can only be stayed for few hours. Transnistria is a region in Moldova with its own governments, constitution, army, currency and flag. A territory which considers it to be a country but which for the UN is just a peculiar area. The area wants to be part of the Russian Federation as well. After subside of the USSR, certain Moldovans didn’t want to give up on the socialist dream. Therefore, in 1992 they founded Transnistria which is a peaceful industrial dystopia on the border between Russia and Europe. However, with Moscow seeking to support its influence, many people are wondering if Transnistria will face the same fate as Crimea. Moreover, they are the only country to have the hammer and sickle on their flag.
Source: Playground+

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