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India vs Srilanka test stalled due to poor weather conditions

Sofian Khan

The third test between India and Srilanka was interrupted by hazardous smog on Sunday. Players on fields and visitors were forced to wear face masks as the air quality dipped in the world’s most polluted capital city. Most of the fielders of the Srilanka team returned from their lunch on the game wearing face masks on the second day of the Test against India at the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium. As 20 minutes passed into the game, players from the Srilanka team complained o the umpires about the smoggy conditions which eventually, halted the game. According to the AQI (Air Quality Index), the amount of particulate matter in the air rose to a surprising 338  which is more than ten times the level considered safe by the WHO (World Health Organization). Upon consulting with the match referee team doctors and physiotherapists, the umpires decided to halt the match. A commentator while the official television broadcast said, it is usual to suspend a match due to poor weather, low visibility, lightning or rain but to suspend due to pollution is almost unheard of. It is definitely a first of its kind,” added the commentator. Doctors have warned of performing competitive exercise during severe pollution may lead to asthma attacks and worsen lung conditions. Also a rise to the possibility of heart attack become also severe. Delhi, the world’s most polluted capital city’s air condition worsens in winter as cooler air traps pollutants near the ground and prevents them from dispersing into the atmosphere, i condition known as inversion.

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