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Eleven Killed as Gunmen Disguised in Burqas storm Pakistani college

Sofian Khan

Three terrorists stormed at a hostel in Peshawar’s Agricultural Training Institute Hostel in Pakistan (ATI) on Friday resulting 11 kills and another 37 injuries. Numbers of casualties are feared to increase as clearance operation is undergoing.The attackers disguised themselves in Burqa and arrived the hostel by a rickshaw. According to media reportings to the Army, one blast was heard from inside the campus. Ahteshan ul-Haq, a wounded student from the attack said that around 150 students were present at the campus that time. If it wasn’t for the Eid-e-miladunnabi holidays, the number of casualties might have had a hike.While fighting the attackers, two soldiers of Pakistan Army were injured. Most students while the attackers arrived were sleeping. They shot at everyone they found roaming around broke doors down to attack students. Students thank the security personnel for reaching the hostel before the gunmen could make it to most rooms. Among the deaths, 8 were students and 1 was office worker. The Pakistan Army confirmed that all of the attackers have been killed. Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan has claimed responsibility for the attack.

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