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2018 likely to bring nastier hack attacks: McAfee

Sayeed Muhammad

After a year full of devastating cyber attacks and breaches, online attackers are expected to become even more destructive in 2018, security researchers said yesterday.2018 Threats Predictions Report by the security firm McAfee said the ransomware outbreaks offer just a taste of what’s to come as hackers develop new strategies and “business models.”McAfee researchers said as ransomware profitability fades following new defences, hackers will turn to new kinds of attacks that could involve damage or disruption of computers and networks, reports AFP.Attackers may also target wealthy individuals and connected devices which offer less security than computers and smartphones.”The evolution of ransomware in 2017 should remind us of how aggressively a threat can reinvent itself as attackers dramatically innovate and adjust to the successful efforts of defenders,” said McAfee’s Chief Technology Officer Steve Grobman. McAfee also predicted wider use of cyber attacks “as a service,” which will allow more hackers for hire to have an impact. Raj Samani, chief scientist at McAfee, said the events of 2017 showed how easy it is to commercialise hacking services. “Such attacks could be sold to parties seeking to paralyse national, political and business rivals,” he said.
The report also said privacy is likely to be eroded further as consumer data — including data involving children — is gathered and marketed by device makers.

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