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Turist’s Safety and Protection- Duties of the Stakeholders

Dr. Forqan Uddin Ahmed

Tourism stake-holders develop execute and create long term stable situation of tourism industry. If depends on geographical condition and demand in case of how many stake-holder will be there. However every stake-holder cannot do same duties in tourism section. But each of their duty is important. Out of their duties, providing safety of the tourists is most important. Research show that there are five kinds of stake-holders in tourism industry. Teachers, researcher, management experts are included in this category. They are working to solve the problems of tourism industry. Universities, training institutions and research institutions are working hard to ensure the safety and security of the tourists.
Local govt. the most important duty of local govt. is to ensure the safety of the tourists and the people of that area. The govt. institutions which are related to tourism are responsible for the security o the tourists. These Institution develop various profitable and development tourism projects. They are committed to ensure the safety of the tourists. These may be govt. or private. They can provide service or goods. If they cannot ensure the safety of the tourists, the cannot continue their business.Again, according to origin and Destination stake-holders can be classified. Information provider and marketing organization, from which origin the tourist select their destination, there exist information provider and marketing company. The provide information to the tourists. To go to the destination and for returns some organization execute transport facilities. They should also ensure the safety of the tourist. Accommodation, food, transportation, recreation etc. are main Clements of delivery chain. They provide the tourists these facilities. However ground service provider, social and cultural function, arrangement organization and tourist guides also act as tourism destination stake-holder.Local people, Law enforcing authority and other organizations act as destination based stake-holder. They always try to greet their guests warmly and they should try to ensure the safety and security of the tourists.The duties of tourism professionals are to inform the tourists about there tourist spot, terms and conditions of their travel, hospitality. They should ensure quality service and price. As the tourism professionals are dependent on tourism industry, they should ensure the safely, security, prevent accident, health observation and food safety of the tourists. The tourism professional will try their best to fulfill the tourist’s cultural and religious demand. The state authority should ensure the safe return of the tourists. In crisis period of a govt. its duty is to inform the tourist about the risk of travel and that time. The govt. should discuss with the tourism professional before giving any notice. When the situation of the country will be normal, the govt. should withdraw the notice.If there is any dispute or need any explanation in abiding rules and regulation, the respective organization should have the interest to solve this dispute by “World Committee on Tourism ethics.”

Deputy Director General & Commandant (PRL), Ansar-VDP Academy, Safipur, Gazipur.

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