Saturday, 21 April 2018

Khaleda : No polls under Hasina

Mohammad Abu Bakar Siddique

BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia categorically said it again that there would be no election under Sheikh Hasina.
She said fair election was not possible under the present government. She was addressing at the rally to mark November 7 as their Revolution and Solidarity day at the Suhrawardy Udyan in the capital yesterday afternoon. Reiterating her demand for a non-partisan, neutral government to hold a free, fair election, she said the election commission had to take step in this regard.She said the new chief election commissioners and other election commissions had to convince the government about holding the election under a non-partisan government. She also rejected the use of electronic voting machine (EVM) and stressed that EC had to play a role for ensuring deployment of army with magistracy power during the elections. She said they way the ruling party ensured their win by rigging proves that fair election was impossible under their authorities. alling the government to give back the voting right to the people, Khaleda said the countrymen wants change.
“The change may come through realization of the right to vote,” she said. To the ruling party, she said arrange election if you have the popularity, adding the government fears democracy and people. “the government wants to establish de-facto Bakshal again,” she said. Khaleda said: “Let them [the government] count injustice and oppression they committed in the last ten years. “I said I would forgive her [Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina], but the people won’t.”
Khaleda Zia also called the government to form national unity for the sake of interests of the country and people in her hour-long speech that began at 4pm.
In her speech, Khaleda also alleged the government tried to prevent her from attending the rally by putting an empty bus on her way to the venue from her residence at Gulshan. She reached at Suhrawardy Udyan around 3:15pm. She also alleged BNP activists were barred in the different places. She said “BNP’s politics is not about hate. It is not about murder. Rather AL politics is about that.”

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