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“The consciousness of Liberation War”

Dr. Engr. Jnan Ranjan Sil

It is undeniable the contribution of the freedom fighting in the independence struggle of Bangladesh .Its core formula is Joy Bangla,Joy Bongobondhu, 16th December, 1971,26 the March ,1971 are our Victory Day & Independence Day respectively, is this independence is only 9 months fighting output? Whether this fighting had been started from the 1952 language Movement, if we wanted Pakistan in 1947 on the basis of two-nation theory.
If we wanted a secular independent state, hastily coming into being Pakistan, we got East Pakistan, a province of Pakistan. What did we see there? There existed a Blue -print of implementation of splitting of Bengal, moreover, overwhelming western influence had been clamped. The western exposed their self -natured identity. The western rule had been imposed everywhere the westerns were posted from g army to in all corners of civil administration they wanted to snatch our Mother tongue Bangla, Coming to Dhaka on the 19th March. 1948 at the evening as a Governor -General of Pakistan Mr. Jinnah declared that Urdu & only Urdu will be state language of Pakistan in his deliberations at the Ramna Race course in a mammoth meeting on the 21 March, 1948 at 5-15 pm. In that meeting, instantly, no any sound was uttered as a vehement protest from among the audiences. Afterwards, next history paves, at first forming the Awami Muslim league, next ,for non-communal philosophy ,voiding Muslim word ,it was renamed Awami League.on 21st February, 1952 language movement, formation of Jokta Front& 1954 election, in-fued in Jokta front government, reign of Jukta Front, formation of people’s assembly-1955, 1st constitution of Pakistan,1956,Proclamation of president Ayub khan’s martial law(1958-1964),introduction of Basic democracy,Indo-Pak war, 1965, Sheik Mujib’s six-point, Agartala law-suit, Anti -Ayub movement, 1969 mass upsurge, 11- point of all party students action council Declaration of martial law by general Yahya khan, National & provincial election, 1970, Awami league obtained 160 seats unitarily out of 300 seats in the Parliamentary election, in the provincial assembly election, out of 300 seats, Awami League 288 seats.
Before this election, what we see- in the unitary occupation of West Pakistan, economy, businesses had been started. Seeing the such conditions of Bangalees, Sher-E- Bangla,Hossain Sheed Surardy, Mawlana Bhasani, Bongobandu Sheik Mujibur Rahman & many others were not at easy feeling. Bangbandu Called for 6 – point demand, He was implicated with Agartala Conspiracy case, in the 1969 mass upsurge, Sheik Mujib became undisputed leader, Pak-junta was compelled to give general election, in the 12nd November, 1970, by a devastating tornedo ,the south Bhola, some parts Patuakhali were smashed away ,more than five lac people were killed & countless livestock’s became dead, none of single leader of west Pakistan came to see this catastrophe ,even did not express any sympathy.
In the general election, Awami league won unitarily. But in the transferring power, the Pakistani military junta stated dillay -dhally, within this the 7th March speech approached On the historic 7th March, at the Surarwardi Uddayan, Bangabandu delivered a epic -making speech. Essay of Banglees freedom Certificate was assayed. A rare epic of freedom struggle of this time is salvation; struggle of this time is for independence. The westerns understood. This is why, an inhuman massacre was driven on the innocent Banglaees on the 25th March night, in the name of Operation surch light,Pilkhana BDR,Rajar bagh police line, Hall &Quarters of DU, Jahurul Haque Hall, Jaganath Hall, Shivbari including Shakhari Bazar, countless houses were burnt to ashes, killed innocent sleeping Persons with the rifle tank, artilleries, thinking that Bangalees won’t be able raise Head on standing position, But not, it is not so easy to subdue Bangalee,it is very, by that night Bangabandu declared independence, afterwards, Pak-junta took Bangabandu to Pakistan as captive, our non-co operation movement & great freedom fighting started. Fighting for 9 months, instead of 3 million people martyred with blooded & violating 2 lac mothers & sisters, this independence. In favor of our independence, What, India & Indira Ghandi did .can’t be seen as a slight way. We have to tour around the globe all over the world in favor of our independence. And in direct fight he has made worked of his force. There has been fought for our independence and Indian military. Food and asylum have been collected for one crore refugees. Training for fighters has been managed. The Pakistani military commanders burnt some of the homes. At first firing in the home, man- women Hindu, who are involved in Awami politics, all of the Hindu- Muslim- Buddhist- Christian who were in favor of independent of Bangladesh taught the enemy of Pakistan. People against independence joined with Pakistani force. They were searched and arrested. Arresting the mother- sisters handed over to the Pakistani force. Pakistan found friend of peace- force, Razakar, Al Badar, Jamatees. They were not hesitated to do any works as like the notorious work from killing the people of Bangladesh. They were not behind to make agitated the communities. The freedom fight made occurred as because of non communities mindset. Hindu- Muslim- Buddhist- Christian all fighted risking life for the independence of Bangladesh, they have kept in mind the religion neutral. There will not be any excess regarding the religion. The religion is big to own self. There will not be any excess regarding that. Hindu- Muslim- Buddha- Christian all will live in the country with equal opportunity. Bangladesh will be the country of right justice as like the non communities society meaning free from all types of discrimination, non right, un justice and discrimination free. This is the mindset of freedom fighter. And the culture we have for more than thousand years. Bangali culture is the culture of Hindu- Muslim, high race Hindu, law race Hindu, Baul, Ashraf, Atraf, Buddho, Christian and culture of all. Culture of all people from cities, villages, rich and poor, dividing the datival as the religion is for one and festival is for all. The divide that made English people wanted to cultivate in us, becoming free from it. A Bangladesh will be non communities religious neutral which is the mindset of freedom fight.

Writer: Chairman,Bangladesh Inland Water Transportation Corporation (BIWTC), Ministry of Shipping.

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