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Rohingya Crisis- A Threat to International Peace & Disaster Management

Dr. Forqan Uddin Ahmed
Before switching over to Rohingya issue we must have a clear understanding on peace & prosperity. Again on which purpose the UN is mandated to international peace? The impact of peace is very wide. Peace and prosperity are the two words which are unlike two sides of a coin. Again peace is a miror of properity and visa-vis. So UN is mandated for world peace. The history of the United Nations during the last half a century is the history of its struggle for establishment of peace. It is true that during this period more than a hundred conflicts and wars took place in the world.There were civil wars within state; prolonged conficts in regions involving states, like that in Iraq and Iran; and other conflicts between states could not be averted. Millions of people, mostly civilians, lost their lives in these conflicts. Painful but the truth is that 5 million people died in the last decade only. However, the fact remains that without the United Nations, the number of such wars and conflicts could be innumerable and damages and destruction could be serveral hundred times more than what had actually happened. Moreover, these local or regional wars could turn into a global war. Man’s desire for peace has been given recognition in the UN announcement that the opening day of the UN General Assembly Session each year will be called ‘the Day of Peace’. This announcement was made in the November 1981 General Assembly Session. 1986 was declared as the International Year of Peace to inculcate a new initiative and to the consolidation, co-ordination and more effectiveness of the peace-efforts generally made by the states and the people of the world. The declaration states that it will be necessary for states and the people of the world to continue their efforts for international peace and security, the ultimate aim of which is to prevent war, to remove all threats to peace including that of neclear war, to respect the principle of settling all differences through peaceful means, to end all conflicts and all differences peacefully, to foster respect and dignity, to disarmament, to use outer space for peaceful purposes to the development of human rights and fundamental rights, to the principle of self-determination and de-colonization, to eliminate all racial discrimination, to the improvement of standard of life and to the preservation of environment.Myanmar is a country, where 8 lacs of Rohingya Muslims live. To them, the Rohingyas are Bangladeshi immigrants. In Bangladesh again on historical grounds, they are treated as immigrants coming from Myanmar. Now a days, the Rohingyas are made captive in the land of Myanmar. They cann’t live properly for they do not have their identity card. By torture from Myanmar’s military & general administration thousands of Rohingyas are crossing Okhiya & Teknaf border & entering into Bangladesh. This is very much illegal & inhuman. It has become a matter of concern to Bangladesh for their shelter & related management.
This year a terrible thing happened. It is undoubtedly against humanity which surpasses the records of barbarism & civil code of conduct. Humanity has been punctured by Myanmar.Rohingya issue is a man made disaster. This issue is vary much alarming for the existence of the Rohingya Muslims. If it is not handled properly and carefully it may turn to havoc or disaster for the refugee as well as to the native. More over it will be a threat to regional & international peace also. This must be termed as genocide and Myanmar’s killing squad should be brought under trial. If the trial of this genocide is given less attention, crisis will not reduce. Rather it will expand & spread far & wide. We have our limitations. How long we will endure such pressure & nonsense. If Myanmar is negligible & become uncared of this issue the UN may deploy peace keeping force for peace and disaster management, in the long run the safety & security of the Rohingya people will be ensured. If it is needed our proud & prestigious army may be included with them. Without this, there is no alternative way to overcome this crisis.

Deputy Director General (PRL), Ansar-VDP Academy, Shafipur, Gazipur


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