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Bangladesh is much more humane and morally better compared to any country in the world: Syed Manzoorul Islam

Reported by Ashiq Rahman, Writted by Afrida Ahmed
Compared to any other country in the world, Bangladesh is a much more humanitarian and morally better country. Myanmar civil society did not even have a human chain for Rohingya nor did it protest for this barbarism. But in our country, when the Buddhist temple was attacked everyone rushed there to help. Our army built the Buddhist temple again. These things prove that our society
is much more dynamic. As a result, I feel that Rohingyas can not be sent back. They will not stay there. This is  because there is no strong leadership for Rohingyas over there. Neither do they have a strong global position nor have strong businesses there. They are marginal and have no voice in them.
On the issue of Rohingya, Sheikh Hasina has done a humanitarian act in real life. She has opened the door. There was a lot of pressure on her that the Rohingyas cannot come here. This is because the local politicians of Chittagong knew that the Rohingyas were mentally in the right direction. They will never be the Awami League supporters. They will be used by the Jamaat-Hifazat-BNP. There are many Awami League leaders and workers who didn’t want the Rohingyas to enter Bangladesh. After some days, the Rohingyas will use Bangladeshi passports and smartcards. This is because there are so many brokers in Awami League who are just sitting and doing business from these. There are also some people in our country who didn’t want the Rohingyas to come here. If Sheikh Hasina didn’t take the initiative then so many countries wouldn’t have cooperated or helped us. She even urged everyone to cooperate on this issue. We also criticize Sheikh Hasina. But she did not give us any chance to criticize her on the Rohingya issue.

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