Saturday, 23 June 2018

Junior Miss Galaxy UK bullied for being pageant queen

Afrida Ahmed

Sienna Demontis is one of the youngest junior pageant queens.
The 13-year-old and her mother, from Derby, have spoken about the bullying she experienced as a result, reports BBC. This is one of the youngest junior pageant queens. Junior Miss Galaxy UK, Sienna Demontis is 13 years old. There were some people that were kind of negative towards it. Her mother said that she’s been surounded by girls and she has also been hit by a hockey stick. She had been called names. She has been told that she only won because she had makeup on.
It all started when Sienna did a photoshoot for her mother and was told to upload the images to a modelling site. She has since competed for an international title in America. She said that everybody sort of came to her and said a lot of things like ‘well done, you have done really well and we are rooting for you when you go to America.’ Her mother said that she thinks people find it uncomfortable because she’s so young. For those people she would love to say, ‘Please come to event. Meet these contestants; don’t belittle what they’re doing.’ Sienna said that she doesn’t think age matters on doing pageants. If you find it fun then you should just go for it. She is so blessed in so many different ways. She’s absolutely, completely swiched on. She is a very talented and an intelligent girl. Holly Pirrie, Pageant girl ltd said that there’s a lot more that meets the eyes to the stereotype that people have.
Sienna said that she has been on a TV advert. She modelled eight outfits for Disney. She will start to shoot a TV programme as an extra. She also got some photoshoots coming up. Her mother said that it’s always been Sienna’s choice and it will always be Sienna’s choice. If she wants to walk away now she can walk away now.

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