Saturday, 23 June 2018

Refugee soccer star: From Afghanistan to US

Afrida Ahmed

Nadia Nadim fled Afghanistan as a child. Now she plays for Denmark and Portland, reports BBC. The first time Nadia Nadim started playing football for real was when they were at the refugee camp. The passion for her game started there. She was born and also raised in Afghanistan. Her father used to work for the Afghan military and when the Taliban gained the power he got killed. Since then life had been very difficult for her mother and her sisters. It was very hard for them to live in a country where women had no say in anything. They fled through Pakistan with fake passports and then ended up in Denmark. The first six months they used to live in a refugee camp and that’s where she started playing football. Before she went to the camp she never saw any girl play any kind of sports. Nadia loved the game right away because first of all it was very simple and you just had to kick a ball. It didn’t matter who you were or what color skin tone you had.When you stand on the field for the national anthem, the atmosphere used to be indescribable. If her family didn’t leave Afghanistan then they would probably be all dead. The way they Nadia and her sisters had been raised they wouldn’t be able to fit in the society in Afghanistan.She believed that everyone deserves a second chance. She got another chance and she was doing so well. ‘If you believe in yourself then anything is possible’, said Nadia. Nadia is also in med school. She plays football because it is her hobby and passion and she loves it. But she also wants to do something that would impact other people’s life. For her it has always been that people should always do the things that would make them happy. She is very honored and blessed that she is able to do this for a living. It does not feel like work and it feels like she just started. The only difference is that she is playing for seventy thousand people and not in her school backyard or at the refugee camp.

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