Saturday, 23 June 2018

How to solve Rohingya Problem?

Dr. Forqan Uddin Ahmed

Miyanmar is our neighboring Country. A neighbor’s behavior should be neighbor like. Besides, every neighbor should raise voice of protest against another neighbor who is unbecoming & unsound by manners & code of conduct. If it is needed, neighbors must come forward for criticism of misdeeds towards humanity & violation of ethics & values. To stop any nonsense of any nation the other nation should be co-operative for its bad dealings against mankind. Since 1978, the Rohingya people are being driven out from Miyanmar. Many migrated Rohingya people in Bangladesh were taken back to Miyanmar in 80’s & 90’s decades of the last century. But it was not fully accomplished. Under this circumstances, the Rohingya people were again forcefully pushed towards Bangladesh which is completely the act of violations of international laws against humanity. It is indeed envious, cruel & uncivilized. This time Myanmar administration & their military force burnt the Rohingya villages to ashes & looted their valuable assets & properties. Even they were indulged in mass killing, enjoying women & torturing the child, young women & the old.By nation, we are very much human, tolerant & sympathetic. No nation can be indifferent to see the troubles & sufferings of other distressed people. But our government has extended the helping hand towards this distressed Rohingya people. Of course, Bangladesh is always liberal for any uprooted, floating, devastated & refugee problems. Our people are also very much cordial & friendly about the refugee problems. We believe that, the world communities are conscious of our limitations.

We are also hopeful that, the United Nations will extend its co-operation for necessary relief aids, accommodation commodities, medicine & child food. With existing brutal scenario the UN & world community will not sit idle, giving the mere statement on humanity. If they do it, it will be a disaster blueprint by the criminals against Bangladesh. The whole situation will be observed carefully from our side. We must be careful of our people. So that they are not instigated by any wrong notions. If it happens, it would be suicidal & we shall have to pay a lot for it. We shall have to maintain a communal harmony & brotherhood in all aspects. The world must be made understand & clear that we believe on mutual trust, not disharmony, disregard & disbelief. We again do not nourish anarchy & terrorism. now it is our duty to enroll all the new comers & the old Rohigyas. Side by side we shall have to keep our keen watch upon the outside organizations & their activities are maintained properly. In our Bangladesh, there is no communal riot or problems. The Hindus, the Muslims, the Buddist, the christian & all other people live here together. But why Miyanmar is an exception, why they are fallen from the ideology of religion & communal harmony? Today Where is Gautom buddah, where is his preaching the game of killing Rohigya people has broken the very old & medieval, ritual records. The Miyanmar administrtion is very much careless & rather they are enjoying it showing thumps towards the world community. We must no t surrender to the brutal activity of Miyanmar. This sort of naked actions which are contradiction to Gautom buddah’s philosophy should be opposed even by all Buddhist. World pressure, UN force, OIC & all anti-septic measures need to be applied to stop their criminal activities. The Rohingya people should not be disheartened at this awkward situation. This broken people should be united with courage, tolerance. By virtue of these qualities the Rohingya crisis will be solved & come to an end. We the Bangladeshi, together with the world community will combat the critical situation boldly with the same spirit.

Writer is Deputy Director General (PRL),Ansar-VDP Academy, Shafipur, Gazipur

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