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Plot filling with sand: 30 families of Panbandi Nandipara water-bound

Tanzim Taqrim Arnob

Due to the construction of the plot filled with sand, at least 30 families of the capital city of Nandipara have become water-logged. No one can protest because the local former acting chairman Azizul Haq is involved in some of the influential sand fill businesses in the area. For the last two months, the residents of the area have been living in the water spot. Every day, they have to travel by foot. Especially the guardians are struggling to take their children to school. Locals said the connection of Nandipara Bridge to Nandipara with the number one road along with Kazi Ghar in South Banasree. Every day thousands of people travel by this road. But the water that flow through this area is filled with sand. As a result, the entire area along with the knee water accreted. Due to the accumulation of water, the road RCC welding has created a big hole. Because of this the people can not use the road. They travel around the long way through Banashree.
Local resident rickshaw driver Abdur Rab said that he was living with his family renting a small house in this area for a few years because of comparatively less rent. But after leaving the sand, his house has got water knee level. Because of that, he is forced to stay somewhere else and paying more rent. Recently, in the area, there is a walk way on the road. Water in at least 10 houses in the neighborhood. Due to the accumulation of water, some home plants are dying. Local residents are trying to make bamboo shovels. Many have left the house and left elsewhere. The former bank officer Kadam Ali’s house is also drowning at waist level. One worker is preparing a bamboo crate with a narrow side beside the house next to him. He showed a place near the sandy beach and said, ‘The whole area has become waterlogged due to the flooding and sand there. No one wants to stay in the area except the homeowners. Since last month the tenants in the area have started leaving the house.

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