Monday, 20 August 2018

Artist Akon’s Paintings

Mahabub Alam Babu, Comilla

Artist Mizanur Rahman Akon can claim himself to be an established painter in the field of master painting by the dint of his individual styles. The main theme of his painting is “A pleasant natural resource”. The pleasures include human feelings and natural objects like trees, rivers, grasses, sky, fauna, clouds and rain and many more. He is a silent but non-stop worker. He generously combines pleasures and pains in his creations. The faces of unpretending nature enrich his art pieces to the level of sheer joy. Artist Akon uses bright colours carefully in his paintings. His 21st century series titled “Natural Pleasure” were displayed in 2006, 2007 and 2008 at House # 18 Road # 9, Gulshan Dhaka and in the comilla Town Hall. After visiting all those Exhibitions, I asked myself, “Why is this artist so silent?” Being asked the question, the artist responded saying, “ Artists prefer working in silence and sometimes this silence is an ornament to such an artist.” Making his paintings so eloquent establishes the artist’s individuality unparalled to other cotemporary artists of similar stature.
His works create an emotion saturated with human feelings and the paintings are always on the move in the imagination and seem to be as dynamic as the depression on a sea.If observed keenly, some selected works of the Mizanur Rahman Akon would appear in a different scale. A fisherman, accompanied by his little daughter; fishing; mother and daughter doing up one another’s hairs; gipsy boats tied up in a neat row are some of his masterpieces. He uses his own styles in painting the pictures of the nature and the rural Bangle. Yellow, blue and red are the prominent colours in his paintings. His colours are rich with the echo of human minds. He feels at ease to work with the watercolours. From the view point of arts, his modern works are more prominent. With the strokes of his brush he builds up his crafts and composition. Some of his works are vividly painted in bright colours using skilled strokes. He easily fuses outburst of colours, revolution of forms and modernism with deft. A number of his works show circles and wheels. He explain that human beings strives to get out of their ‘circles of limitation’ and human lives roll like wheels. As long as the wheel rolls the life continues on this earth.
Young artist Akon day long to make his rightful place as an artist. His experiences are yet to be matured. Sometimes, he appears to be a stranger in experiencing deeply the human pleasures and pains. His works still lack the desired exaltation. But many ways are open for him to reach his goals. The artist’s water colour paints are more in number. He is a new genius in the field of water colour paints strokes of his brush paint abstract poem. The flower buds drop gently in the course of the breeze.The works tilted: ‘After the bath’ ‘rejoicing of the Autumn’, ‘kash Phool’(Common reed flowers), ‘Wheels’, ‘Return’, ‘The crow and the nature’ easily attracts our mind. His works of the ‘Abstract Series’ invite us to a world of mystique imagination. The fusion of his mind with the metaphysical is note worthy. In the deep of our mind his metaphysical works make a place enriched with space and fertility. In many of his paintings, his individuality in depicting the interactions of loneliness and silence crates a new way of the art. He is very careful about using mixed colours get a new life in his hand. The society he paints is mostly pleasant but in survival. As in water colours he is also a master in acrylic paints. In this series of beauty his works are worth remembering. The series shows the power of his brushes in painting the storm hidden of beauty. But most of his works are to be viewed as a celebration of life. His use of colours in right proportion to express plainly the complexities of life is worth noticing. He is skilled in applying successfully the enthusiastic fusion of colours. In the paintings Mr. Akon the poetry is full of background melody. His works being a combination of skill and creativity pave the way of a new possibility.

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