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The game sparking debate about arranged marriage

Sabah Mannan

It’s something that’s always shoved off and nobody wants to talk about it. However, everyone always wants to play a game. The name of the game is arranged marriage. Nashra Balagamwala; the creator said that it is a game that forces participants to confront the struggles that young South Asian women face when it comes to arranged marriages. The game play involves a matchmaker trying to chase down all these girls and get her married off to any boy they can find while the women try to escape marriage. The game is driven by cards that draw the matchmaker towards them or gives them a chance to escape. Nashra said that when it comes to getting an arranged marriage, sometimes the process is very fast; you meet the guy, you know him for just a couple of weeks and then you get married to him. That’s not long enough to get to know the person. One of Nashra’s friends had met a guy that she knew for a couple of weeks, engaged to him, married to him and then a little later she found out he was gay. Another friend of Nashra was forced into an arranged marriage by her family; they would keep her in a room and give her little food to eat until she agreed to marry the stranger. Nashra’s view doesn’t go completely against arranged marriage because she has cousins and friends who are happy but she thinks that nobody should be forced into something that they don’t want.Nashra is crowd funding the project online, and will use the money to mass produce the game. She would like to get this game out to people in the west as well because a lot of people don’t understand the culture of arranged marriages.Nashra hopes that the game will generally empower women everywhere to not be afraid to pursue whatever they want it life including education, love marriages and careers.

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