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Restore human life by sacrificing animals life

Dr. Forqan Uddin Ahmed
In this universe, there are 18000 species of creations. Among them men are the best, dearest and nearest to God. Men have their unique and extraordinary position among all the creations. They are considered as a rational being. The identity of mankind is judged by humanity dignity, justice, sense of love, respect, emotions, feelings and sacrifice Earth is the only place where men live. The whole earth is controlled by mankind. In this earth, there are many people of different nations, races, tribes, religions and castes. All men have their own religion. In every religion the principle of sacrifice is narrated and depicted in such a way as will clarify and purify peoples’ soul. So for the sake of religion, every man in this world try to help and sacrifice for others. Because to help and sacrifice are the noble virtues. Among all virtues sacrifice is what brings contemplation of one’s soul. There are different types of sacrifice, such as sacrifice of life, sacrifice of money, sacrifice of properties and the time sacrifice etc. A man who sacrifices his life for a country is known as a patriot. Again who shares and gives up all the things he belongs may be treated as a benevolent and kind hearted person. The Eid-ul-Ajha is the second largest festival of the Muslim community. It is celebrated all over the world with the spirit of sacrifice. Generally sacrifice means to give-up one’s valuable things for others but the real sacrifice means to surrender one’s own interest. A man who is a helpless and who has the capacity to control himself and finally who can refrain himself from lust, only enjoy the happiness of true sacrifice. So removal of one’s happiness and comforts is termed true sacrifice. By true sacrifice an individual is honored in society. Religion is also flourished by sacrifice. In this world there is no end of greed and wants. The more the greed, the more the thirst for wants. Greed leads a man towards ruin. Society gets polluted and plunged into anarchy. There are peace behind sacrifice. By sacrifice as man attain other quality like tolerance in society. So in this world, a man who takes a lot of sacrifice for others way be termed as a by product of sacrifice. Sacrifice and tolerance both coexist. Without one other cannot flourish. Eid ul Ajha is the big day where all Muslims have the lesson of sacrifice and tolerance. All Muslims are highly prepared for the sacrifice of Eid-ul-Ajha. The other name of sacrifice is `Qurbani’. The word ‘Qurbani’ originates from Arabic word qurbanon which denotes meeting and reaching the almighty Allah. Qurbani is compulsory for all solvent Muslims who have their riches. Actually culture of ‘Qurbani’ starts from the period of Hazrat Adam (pbh). To settle quarrels between habil and kabil on marriage issue, they were directed to slaughter animals by God. God granted the heartfelt qurbani of Habil. On the other hand, kabil’s qurbani was rejected, as it lacked good wishes. And this is the pre-history of qurbani. Again prophet Hazrat Ibrahim’s (pbh) incident is another example of sacrifice, where we see the unconditional surrender to almighty God. God being pleased and directed prophet to slaughter animal. So qurbani may not be termed as usage, rather it is the directions of Allah. Those who deny it they must not be allowed to go to Eid-gah for performing prayer. From the event of prophet Ibrahim (pbh), this Eid-ul-Ajha has been made obligatory. The day Eid-ul-Ajha is a memorable day in the history of Islam. All Muslims celebrate the day with the spirit of love, fellow feelings, brotherhood, fraternity and sacrifice. Through the feeling of the day we would be able to establish humanity and restore peace and tranquility and resist evils an

Deputy Director General & Commandant (PRL), Ansar-VDP Academy, Safipur, Gazipur.

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