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Why does Europe continue to be a ‘terrorist’ target?

Afrida Ahmed

At least 14 people have been killed in the two attacks to hit Spain this week.On Thursday, a speeding van ploughed through pedestrians on the famous Rambla boulevard in Barcelona, killing at least 13 people and injuring more than 100 others.On Friday, a woman died from her injuries following a similar attack in the nearby seaside resort of Cambrils. Five men, who have been described as the perpetrators, were shot dead by police.And earlier in the week, one person was killed in an explosion that also destroyed a house in the town of Alcanar, 200km south of Barcelona, where bomb makers are thought to have lived, reports ALjazeera

Hashem Ahelbarra brought Greg Barton who is a Professor of Global Islamic Politics, Deakin University in Melbourne and Tony Blair Institute for Global Change in London via skype. Hashem asked tony Blair if ISIS attacks are increasing in Europe. He replied that yes ISIS is certainly expanding its operations in Europe. This group is looking for other opportunities to carry out its operation in Europe. In many situations Europe is proving to be very vulnerable targets to their operation. We have seen evidence from the group propaganda that wants to focus on these kinds of attacks and it is calling out for people who are able to carry them out. We have seen that attacks in London, Barcelona and Finland are very low commitment amd we are unfortunately seeing that this is not a phenomenon that is going to disappear soon.Hashem then asked Yasser Louati that we have seen a series of attacks in Paris, London, Finland and in different parts of Europe so why Europe in particular. He replied that many had asked the question that why are these groups still capable of hiring despite military action. This is because no one has broken the back of this idea that this is earth versus them. The government said that threat level would remain unchanged and extra security would be imposed. Governments have failed again in terms of applying massive repression and instead of for example making sure that they win the battle of ideas against the ISIS. They go on pursuing this idea that repression alone will make these terrorist attacks stop.Unfortunately for us Europeans this is not normal. According to Yasser this has happened yesterday and this will happen again tomorrow.  Muslims across Europe had been shouting and trying to alert people about these attacks but nobody listened. Nobody wants to invite them to any platforms and we need to stop that. Muslims are on our side and they were the ones who had been attacked by the ISIS. If we let muslims get their act together and give them the means to be a part of this solution then they would definitely bring an added value. But as long as we exclude them on one hand and partionize them on the other we would not find any solution.



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