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5 Thousand Guppy Fish To Be Released In DSCC Drainage System, To Disrupt Mosquito Reproduction

Reported by: Shakil Ahmed
Written by: Eshan Maitra
Mosquito transmitted viral diseases almost turned into nationwide epidemic in often cases. Many becoming victim of dengue, chikungunya & other virus fever diseases every day. Hence, general public started questioning the effectiveness of Dhaka City Corporation, about mosquito control.Therefore, Dhaka South City Corporation has taken an innovative imitation without the use of harmful chemicals. Since, drains are primary location of mosquito reproduction. DSCC will be releasing 5 thousand Guppy fish in the 450km long drainage system of Dhaka City. This number is only for initial piloting, announced DSCC Mayor Sayeed Khokon. Guppy fish can eat up to 50 mosquito larva a day & can largely reduce spread of mosquito. Hence, the spread of mosquito transmitted viral diseases. These fishes can survive any condition.Since, these fishes will be produced in the country to avoid exporting expense. Readying the fishes will take 2-3 more months, said DSCC Chief Health Officer Brig. Gen. Sheikh Salahuhddin. DSCC is surveying drainage around DU, DMC, Jatrabari & many other areas. He added, this might not eradicate all the mosquito, but this is one of the initial project for this goal. DU Zoology Department’s Former Prof. Dr. Gulshan Ara & Stamford University Enviroment Science Department President Dr. Kamruzzaman Mazumder have been appointed regarding the planning of Guppy fish production.

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