Wednesday , 20 June 2018

Deprived Children Of Farm Families

Reported by: Al-Amin Anam

Written by: Eshan Maitra    


6.5 crores children will be representing the whole Bangladeshi in the future as our legacy. Unfortunately, just like any other 3rd-world developing country, Bangladesh is failing to provide all the basic needs. Such as, food, healthcare, education, housing, security & all other expected needs. Most of these deprived children are from farm-families & part of rural areas.

These children grow up seeing their fathers working day & night for their poor family. Even, going to school for free, seems like a time waste for them. As DU Social Studies Department Chairman Dr. Monirul Islam puts it, education is still not attractive food the poor parents, to feed their children. Education takes over 20 year for making their children ready to earn for the family. While, engaging them into a labor from the age of 6-7 years, can earn plenty to feed themselves.

Despite of child-labor restrictions. Countless are found active in the industries. Performing dangerous tasks for the survival urgency. Soaring through the life & their though, is fancy they cannot afford. Along with their spirit, most of them just dies away suffering from malnutrition. Cultivating their talent is out of question.

Save The Children Deputy Country Director Dr. Istiaq Mannan said, though Bangladesh have seen rapid progress in most of its sectors in past few years. The country is still far behind in ensuring better future for the majority of the children. He also claims that, if each & every children could be well-bred & educated, Bangladesh will become a modern nation by 2041.


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