Saturday, 23 June 2018

Cheap Fidget Spinners are harmful


According to a recent investigation, low cost fidget spinners may cause serious injury. Children are at risk with this little gadget. A poor quality sample of this plastic product was tested by experts and the result was a failure. The edges of some fidget spinners are sharp enough to scratch your skin and even your eyes. For its popularity these toys are selling everywhere without maintaining its quality. This is a palm size spinner which contains a bearing on the center and three pronged plastic. This devise can be flicked and spun. Some schools in UK and USA banned them but some teachers think these spinners can help children with ADHD.

Watchdog interviewed parents who were alarmed by the poor quality of the toys. The team also did a safety test with five cheap spinners and they failed the tests. They also ordered three from ebay and were tested by Sarah Hainsworth who is a professor of materials and forensic engineering at the University of Leicester. She tested them by stabbing it into the tomato (used as a substitute for an eye) and pork skin (used as a substitute for human skin). The spinners scratched the tomato and pork skin and this might be harmful. Ebay informed that these items were not permitted and will be removed soon. They also thanked the program to give it to their attention.

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