Monday, 16 July 2018

Headphones causes hearing loss


Headphone can cause hearing problems. The World Health Organization declared that one of the biggest reasons of hearing loss is loud music.

When the sound wave goes into our ears, it passes through the eardrum. When the wave touches the bones of middle ear, it makes a vibration and stimulation. This sound transforms in the cochlea and passes in to the brain.

But when we hear something by headphones, the sound goes straight into the ear cannel. This causes internal pressure. If anyone uses headphones regularly, the production of earwax increases. This increases wetness inside the ear canal and so the number of ear infections also increases. The MRC has published a study that personal music player has a link to hearing loss.

The Oregon Health and Science University said that, there is a chance to lose hearing within 15 minutes if you hear with ordinary headphone using the maximum volume of an Ipod.


Here are some side effects of hearing loud sound or music by headphones:

The middle ear damages quickly.

The nervous system suffers a lot.

It causes harm to hearing receptors.



Over ear headphones are more comfortable than ear-buds. We need to avoid cheap headphones because, it makes high frequency sound. We have to avoid sound louder than 80 DB for one hour. Vitamins C can prevent hear loss. Eat an apple or something containing vitamin C when you are listening to music.

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