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The Queen of Cartels Sima: Arrested With Her Fake DB Police Syndicate

Reported by: Ismail Hussain Emu

Written by: Eshan Maitra


After long investigative hunts, a Police Intelligence unit finally caught up to the Queen of Cartels, Sima. They arrested her 7th husband, along with her Dhaka Metropolitan fake police syndicate, on 18 July. She was arrested with 1.16 lacs hijacked taka & 18 fake-police associates. Sima and other arrested criminals confessed about all their dangerous crime-network & origins to the interrogation team of Police Intelligence.

Sima grew up at her grand-parents’ house in Rampura. Though she came from a poor family. She was very clever & cunning from young age. Even as a school-girl she was quite expert with technologies & on social media. Sima managed to attract & deceive an old married wealthy businessman, Babu. Then, ran away with him while in class seven. Later, she embezzled him and ran away another guy name Polash. Though, she returned back to Babu. But, again she done the same and ran away with a Hardware Business-owner Nazrul. She managed to make her way through life deceiving and embezzling many with her beauty & charisma.

Sima’s unpredictable & radical lifestyle attracted many associates from the under-worlds. She became quite known in Rampura and lived a posh life. Later, Sima emerged as the Queen of Cartels from whole areas of Rampura to Khilganon, Shabujbag & Jatrabari, step by step. Yaba, fencidil, pethidine & marijuana, all the drug cartels payed tolls to her.

This top Crime-Lady of the capital also ran brothels in several rented apartments in the city.


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